Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Rollercoaster races all about?
In NSW and ACT Rocky Trail has been the first events organiser to put together an Gravity Enduro racing series in 2012 and they have been gaining popularity quickly. Over the years we have tweaked the format and here are a few images from our events and our thoughts to explain the Superflow.

Shuttles, chairlift or riding to the top?

With the exception of Thredbo where the climb up is simply too brutal you will need to ride to the top of every #Superflow start. There are no time limits - only the cutoff when you need to start your final run of the day.

If you are after shuttled events check out our Downhilll series.

It's all about being out there with a bunch of fellow riders, exploring the trails and challenging each other to a sneaky race run in between.

Neutral uphills, fast and flowy timed descents... all day long!

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. Our #Superflow races are best of both worlds – a blend of downhill and cross-country racing that calls for your endurance skills. Most of the race is downhill, on trails similar to the downhill segment of a cross-country race, with some technical bits and pieces. There are also short uphill and flat sections, which make the use of downhill bicycles challenging. The race tracks will have a combination of downhill sections with wicked berms and flowy trails, but also sections to pedal, recover and for the cross-country endurance racers to shine.

What's the best bike choice?

Ah, one of the most discussed about topics... 29er? 26 inch? 650B? XC? DH? AM? Fact is that all-mountain-type bikes are the most commonly sold bikes at the moment. They are nimble and absorb a lot of the technical sections with their ~5in travel. Have a chat to fellow riders and try a few out. In any case, whatever bike you're most comfortable with is your best weapon of choice. Mind you, we've had a downhiller win at one event and a cross-country whippet take out the next enduro gravity race in the past.

What gear do you need?

A cross-country helmet is acceptable, protective knee, elbow and torso equipment is recommended, but optional.

Atmosphere that rocks!

Most striking to us is always the awesome atmosphere in the event centre. More festival than race, people gather round after their race runs, sharing stories from out on track, checking out their race times and who was faster. Who nailed that particularly gnarly section and who had the stronger endurance on that “one climb”? It's a cauldron of voices, pumping music and laughs!

Mates out for a race

Ride and race together, travelling to some of the most fun and exciting mountain bike tracks in NSW and ACT. Some might be close to home, for others you make a weekend out of it and bring the family along.

Variety of trails

At Rocky Trail we like to pick versatile tracks for a racing series – in NSW and ACT it's a challenge to find high altitudes, however, we talk to the locals and are always on the hunt for new locations. We ride them ourselves and take in suggestions from our racers – some of our favourite trails have included the Thredbo enduro trail, Stromlo Forest Park (think Skyline and Luge!!) and Ourimbah MTB Park. Every race track is different and every event is a racing celebration of the local trail network.

Top riders experience new challenges

With often 2-3 timed section per event it becomes critical to look after not only yourself but also your bike. Do you punch out a quick run risking everything or do you take it back a notch so you don't loose any time due to a mechanical? Even top riders find that it's sometimes a balance act to keep up endurance to get to the next timed race run and concentration to perform and “send it” once they swipe that chip at the start of the next run.

Three cheers for the girls!!

We've had a lot of fast girls race the Rollercoaster series and all of them have come across the line with massive grins on their faces!

To some it up:

“Ride up the hill at any old speed with your mates. Session techo bits so you can ride them nice and fast. Ride up the hill some more times. Shred back down. Froth, froth, froth.” - That's how semi-pro mountain bike racer and contributor to mountain bike online and print magazines in Australia, Kath Bicknell, hitting the nail on the head.

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