2018 Dates and Locations
Series Round Race Date Location  
Fox Superflow 1 18. February 2018 Stromlo / ACT SOLD OUT!
Fox Superflow 2 7. April 2018 Thredbo / NSW  

Fox Superflow 3

1. July 2018 Ourimbah MTB Park / NSW

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Fox Superflow 4 5. August 2018 Jolly Nose / NSW  
Fox Superflow Championships 2. September 2018 Canberra / ACT  
Fox Superflow 5 29.+30. September 2018 Green Valleys MTB Park / NSW  
Fox Superflow 6 10. November 2018 TBC
2018 Season

Rocky Trail's Superflow events have been based on the popular US and European enduro races. However, we have adapted the format to suit the specific features of the Australian landscape and venue conditions. The Superflow events have been growing over the years since we ran the first race in 2012 - we are proud that we developed these events to be so popular.

Why Superflow?
Because the race tracks are picked by the Rocky Trail crew so that they give the riders that "super flowy" feeling! Each timed section demands different skill sets of the riders - from tricky sections around rocks and tight corners to flowy berms and quick stints that needed pedal power and endurance.

Almost all events require riders to ride to the starts on their bikes and it that way the series offers a big variety of trails. All our trails can be as tough as you want them to be - there are always different line choices and generally, the faster and the harder you go, the more challenging they get. We specifically pick our venues to meet those requirements.

No start order, no worries
They are unique Australia-wide in that we can offer an awesome day out to a wide range of riders - from elite to amateur racers to families, couples and groups of friends riding together. We have introduced a very flexible timing system so our events don't require any start orders and riders can pick the sequence in which to complete the timed race stages themselves. That way, riders of different categories can spend all day riding and racing together.

  Fox Superflow sealed by Stan's
Shuttles No, you ride to the start with the exception of the Thredbo and Green Valleys rounds.
Number of tracks

Between 2 and 4 - you ride every track once or multiple times depending on the venue.
Combined time counts.
In Thredbo there will be multiple runs on the same trail - youre fastest 2 times count.

Recommended bikes All-Mountain bikes with 4-5 inches of travel are ideal but you will also be able to race with a (full suspension) Cross Country bike.
Protective gear As much as you like but we only require you to wear a standard cycling helmet.
Tracks used Predominantly downhill with a few pedally sections in them. Technical features will have B-lines. Big jumps will be closed off.
Start order You decide the sequence in which you race. Only time to watch is the cut-off time for the last run. No start order. Ride in groups even if you are in different categories.
Round 1 2018 - Introducing a new timing system

A lot has happened in the weeks leading up to the first Fox Superflow of the season. At first we thought that we would adapt our current timing system and wanted to add a bonus run for everyone. Now with some further research, testing and help from the Australian Race Result timing company we invested into extending our existing timing system we use for our XC events and make it work for some if not all of the Superflow races in 2018.

The main reason we did this is you - a LOT of you. With our current timing system we would have reached our maximum rider capacity almost 2 weeks prior to the event which would have meant telling a lot of rockytrailracers that they can't come and this is not something we want to do.

So for the Stromlo round we will have 3 tracks and you can do a maximum of 3 runs PER TRACK. Your fastest time will count. Pending a stable internet connection all times will be published live online and you can check right away if you bettered your previous time. There will be a start commissaire at every track and a timing mat or antenna at every finish. Your timing chip will be on the back of your number plate and you won't be issued the usual chip you used in the past.

By giving you more race runs than ever before and allowing for the biggest crowd in Superflow / Rollercoaster history we are sure that the weekend will be epic.

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