#rockytraildestination: Rydal Showground, Lidsdale State Forest, Lithgow NSW

Event: JetBlack 24 Hour Endurance MTB Race, 3+4 March 2018

Race (with) your mates at the JetBlack 24 Hour in Lithgow’s Lidsdale State Forest on 3+4 March. Awesome trails and its event centre at the Rydal Showgrounds promise you a classic 24-hour event and the ultimate in MTB challenges! Be a #rockytrailracer!

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About the JetBlack 24 H

A decade of rocky trails and still rocking on! – We are excited to celebrate our 10-year anniversary with the 10th edition of our very first cross-country race, which has become our flagship endurance event: the JETBLACK 24 HOUR.

It has been an amazing journey and in 2018, the JetBlack 24 Hour with its JetBlack 6+6 Hour offspring will take place at Rydal Showgrounds near Lithgow and with thanks to our hosts, the Central Tablelands MTB Club and the NSW Forestry Corporation who will help us put together an awesome race track and all that supported by the Lithgow City Council and the team at the Lithgow Tourism Information Centre.

You can race in teams of up to 6 in the 24 Hour and up to 4 in the 6+6 Hour and there are the classic age categories in the solo divisions. Bring the family, friends and the kids – there is so much space and we can’t wait to entertain you in “classic 24-hour race style”! DJ, great food, kids activities, that signature Rocky Trail wake-up call on Sunday morning – the Rocky Trail crew awaits you at Rydal!

> Read up on the HISTORY of the event and it’s journey from 2009 until 2018!

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Accommodation and local business offers near Rydal and in and around Lithgow

You can camp at the event centre from Friday until Sunday. However, we thought, some of you might want to stay off-site and the 6+6 hour racers would have the perfect schedule to do so especially. Also, if you’re bringing the family and kids you will have access to our caterer and services in the event centre, but might prefer a hotel-set-up.

Here are some ideas and the local businesses of Lithgow and surrounds are looking forward to us arriving in town – they are offering a wide range of specials, which we’d like to share with you. As more and more offers are coming in, we’ll be updating this list and you’ll find a full overview on our website too.

> Lithgow Tourism Information Centre

Local accommodation – Hotel and Motel offers

We are pleased to share the following hotel and motel offers, which we have secured for our Rocky Trail racers – please be sure to refer to this listing of the business(es), which is available via the NEWS and LOCATION pages of the event website in blog-format (please scroll down on the pages). May we also recommend that you discuss the offers and have them reconfirmed as you make any bookings. Cheers.


Bushmans Motor Inn Lithgow

Bushman’s Motor Inn Lithgow
526 Great Western Highway
Ph. (02) 6352 1655

Set on 9 acres, the Bushman’s Motor Inn is located on the Western Side of Lithgow approximately 5 km from the CBD and 3 km from the visitors centre. The property has  a pool, a spacious car park with parking space out the front of each room (free parking), a licenced restaurant, vending machine & streets ice cream freezer all on-site and is located just 12km from Rydal.

Please note, to use the offer below, please book direct by calling the Bushman’s Motor Inn on 6352 1655, emailing bushmanslithgow@gmail.com or booking on the direct website www.bushmanslithgow.com.au and mention the JetBlack event – only then they can apply the discounts.

We are pleased to offer the following to your participants in the Jet Black 24Hr Mountain Bike ride at Rydal:

  1. Free Garlic Bread or Bruschetta with any Main Meal Purchased from our Restaurant
  2. Special Rates!
    • $135.00 P/N (when staying for 1 night only) in our Deluxe Rooms inclusive of Kick Start Breakfast (delivered to the room the night before) OR
    • $125.00 P/N (when staying for 2 or more nights) in our Deluxe Rooms inclusive of Kick Start Breakfast (delivered to the room the night before)


Hampton Halfway Hotel Motel

Hampton Halfway Hotel Motel
Jenolan Caves Road
Hampton NSW 2790
Tel: 61 2 6359 3302

The Hampton Halfway Hotel Motel is an iconic pub situated on 10 acres in a scenic and tranquil location close to Jenolan Caves in the heart of the Blue Mountains, approx a 2.5 hr drive from Sydney and a 20 min drive from Rydal and our event centre. Throughout the years the Halfway has been reconstructed and it is now a modern day building, although some of the original structure can still be seen. The Hampton Halfway has motel style accommodation, cafe & restaurant, bar & lounge area.

  1. We are happy to offer your group a stay 3 pay 2 night accommodation package. We have queen rooms available through to family rooms.


…more offers to follow…


Local business offers

We are pleased to share the following offers from local businesses in and around Lithgow, which we have secured for our Rocky Trail racers – please be sure to refer to this listing of the business(es), which is available via the NEWS and LOCATION pages of the event website in blog-format (please scroll down on the pages). May we also recommend that you discuss the offers and have them reconfirmed as you make any bookings. Cheers.


The Tin Shed

The Tin Shed
69 Bridge St, Lithgow
Ph: (02) 6352 1740

This is a Cafe-Restaurant-Pizzeria-Wine Bar that serves delicious meals and desserts in a friendly and romantic setting. It has an amazing menu with a delicious kids section and yummy pizzas!

  1. We are happy to extend the offer “kids drink free with any family dinner booking”.
  2. Alternatively, we can offer a complimentary glass of wine .


Lithgow FootGolf

FootGolf is the hottest new sport to hit Australia and it is now available at Lithgow Golf Club! Says Henriette from the team at Lithgow Golf Club:

“FootGolf is played on a golf course using a size 5 football and the object of the game is to get the ball into the hole using only your feet in the fewest number of shots possible. The rules are exactly the same as golf except you use your foot and a football. You can play on your own or in teams, the beauty of the game lies in being able to strategically combine power and precision every time you play FootGolf.”

We would love to provide riders at the Jetblack 24 Hour Mountain Bike Event in Rydal with the following offer for our newest venture FootGolf:

  1. ADULTS $10.00 (normally $15.00)
  2. KIDS U/16 $ 5.00 (normally $10.00)
  3. FAMILY $25.00 (2AD+2KIDS) – (normally $35.00)
  4. BALL HIRE $2.00 OR BYO (normally $5.00)


Lithgow Small Arms Factory Museum

Lithgow Small Arms Factory Museum
69 Methven Street, Lithgow
(Ph): 02 6351 4452

  1. We can offer concession entry ($7 instead of $10) for the visitors who come to us through JetBlack 24 Hour.
  2. Free tea and coffee is always available at the Museum for all visitors.



What the #rockytrailracers say

There is so much to do and so much to see – we’ve chatted to some of our #rockytrailracers who have raced at Lidsdale State Forest before and would like to share some tips on this #rockytraildestination – we’ve been running downhill events in Lithgow for years and hope we can tempt you to a weekend away!


Briony Mattocks, Shimano Team racer

Briony Mattocks competed at our “Rydal test event”, the SHIMANO MTB Grand Prix race at the Lidsdale State Forest in April 2017.

Briony Mattocks at the Shimano MTB GP at Rydal, 2017

About Rydal

“Rydal was a bit of a surprise for me last year – I had not only never ridden there, but to be honest I probably wouldn’t have been able to point it out on a map. After a pretty easy and somewhat scenic drive across the mountains I was greeted with an awesome XC race track nestled in a patch of bushland near the showground. I really enjoyed thrashing out fast laps at Rydal, and chatting to other Rocky Trail racers of all types ave abilities echoed the fact that it provided a stack of fun and competition for everyone.”

About the race track

“The trails feel hand cut, well thought out and ride really well – it’s the sort of place where it’s relatively beginner friendly but also challenging for the more serious racer, as the trails get more technical the faster you hit them.

There are plenty of corners to attack with speed and, some old school flowy sections, as well as a great section full of A and B lines to keep you on your toes and provide a bit of “hell yeah!” if the odd drop, small gap or berm are your thing.”



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Craig Flynn, President Central Tablelands MTB Club

“Formed in 1984, the Central Tableland Mountain Bike club has a long history of building trails and hosting races. Rydal has been our XC home since 2008 and offers an extensive trail network through the high country of  Lidsdale State forest.
The course for the 2018 Jetblack 24hr will use the main ridge top loop. Expect some fast, swooping trail with plenty of corners.
The Rydal show ground will give you the perfect event center with plenty of room, proper toilets and big, starry skies.”
Craig racing “his” track at the 2017 SHIMANO MTB Grand Prix event at Rydal.
For those staying longer or looking for something to pass the time while family or friends ride there is plenty of stuff to see and do and here’s my top 10 picks of what to do in the region in no particular order.

1. Lake Lyle.

Just down the hill from Rydal is the Lake Lyle Recreational park with Aqua Blitz, kayak hire, Water Skiing and more

2. Hassans Walls Lookout.

The highest lookout in the Blue Mountains Hassans wall is just 3km from the center of Lithgow and is weel worth a look, um, out. Extensive view over the western edge of the Blue Mountains and south toward Hamtpon and Kanagra Walls are offered from the wheelchair accessable board walk.

3. Glowworm Tunnels.

The Newnes railway was built in the early 1900s to service the shale town of Newnes in the Wolgan Valley. Trackling some awe-inspiring terrain the line required 2 long curving tunnels to negotiate the Wolgan clifflines. The Line was short lived and when the trains stopped the glowworms moved in.

4. State Mine Heritage park.

Lithgow is a mining town and this is a great look into some of the rich history of both mining and Railways, For a short time it also happened to be the venue one of the most popular DH tracks in the country.

5. Blast Furnace Park.

Continuing with the heritage theme Hoskins Blast Furnace was the birth place of the Australia steel industry. The ruins are a mecca for photographers.

6. Japanese Gardens and Bathhouse.

For those looking for some relaxation and pampering The Japanese spa are a must do.

7. Jannie Farm.

If cheese is your thing do not go past  Jannie farm wihtout calling in

8. Pearsons Lookout.

Just off the Mudgee rd, about 40min north of Lithgow Pearsons Lookout looks down over the beautiful Capertee Valley. Billed as the widest enclosed valley the the world it’s twice as wide as Americas Grand Canyon

9. Jenolan Caves.

Regarded as Australias most outstanding cave system with 11 spectacular show caves, pure underground rivers and amazing formations,­ Jenolan Caves is among the finest and oldest cave systems in the world. Award-winning Jenolan Caves is open every day, for underground activities to suit every age and fitness level.

10. Deep Pass.

For the More adventurous Deep Pass is a walk in camp ground and amazing wild swimming spots. Well worth the steep walk in and out.



Juliane Wisata, Rocky Trail co-founder & Marketing Director

Juliane (left) with Cosmo and Race Director Martin Wisata; Event Officer Erica Price right.

We have been visiting Lithgow for years now and it’s always a highlight on our events calendar. I quite like getting “inland” and enjoy the bushland surrounds – I remember we once took a drive from Thredbo up via Canberra and then onto Lithgow via Oberon – all that with a baby on board, but we took a few stops along the way to explore and have a picnic by the river and it was a great experience.

We are used to staying in the town of Lithgow and the food offer is incredible – I’m more than happy to share our favourite Vietnamese Restaurant tip with you below! It’s a must for us when we’re there! We have been based at the Lithgow Pony Club with our downhillers below Hassans Walls so to discover Rydal was a real treat for us.

The trails as Briony said are great – I did the clean-up lap after the Shimano MTB GP and fell in love. With an active club, an amazingly welcoming Rydal Showgrounds Society and a great venue partner with the NSW Forestry Corporation it was a done deal.

The facilities are great – our caterer most likely will be able to use some of the fantastic facilities at the showgrounds – beautifully rustic barns and a massive, flat (!!!) meadow and event centre and all that surrounded by all those singletrails.

We are so excited that so many local businesses have come on board to support our event – be sure to check out their accommodation offers and specials! So here we go, a few tips below from us:


You must check out Hassans Walls look-out when you’re in town, it’s a magical place – we get to it quite often, as the downhill start is not far from the look-out.

> Attractions in and around Lithgow

> Hassans Walls

Cafes and Restaurants

The Lithgow Workies Club makes one mean Chicken Schnitty Parmigiana, a well deserved dinner for a #rockytrailracer for sure! We also love the Tin Shed, a Cafe-Restaurant-Wine Bar that serves delicious meals and deserts in a friendly and romantic setting.

> Cafes and Restaurants in and around Lithgow

> The Tin Shed

> Pho 68 Vietnamese Restaurant


Nice selection of museums ranging from a Small Fire Arms Museum to historic sites.

> Museums in and around Lithgow

> Small Fire Arms Museum

4WD Tracks


Impressions from the JetBlack 24 Hour event from previous years



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(includes photos by OuterImage and Dan de Witte)


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