Diamonds sparkling into fourth year

The Diamonds in the Dirt Women’s MTB Event will return to Awaba MTB Park in Olney State Forest on 6 July 2019. Hosted by Rocky Trail Entertainment it has been under the patronage of a very enthusiastic group of local riders from the Hunter MTB Association who have helped flourish this event since 2016.

I have been supporting fellow event organisers from clubs and other business with their women’s events. I firmly believe that by helping spread the word about the amazing variety of women’s events and the incredible experiences to be had, we can encourage more women to ride and race.

As one of the owners of Rocky Trail Entertainment I have been juggling motherhood of a now three-year old as well as consulting and teaching assignments and my time on my bike has been very precious. I have been racing ‘my’ Diamonds event and it has been a highlight every year so far. It’s the chance to meet like-minded women and their families who come along and I’ve had the most fun interactions out on track and inspiring conversations back at the event centre!

There was the girl who came along with a four-month old baby, breastfeeding him in between laps… there was the woman who was recovering from an operation and doing laps on an e-Bike… there were the kids cheering for their mums on the trails… the proud partners snapping pictures… the high-fives, the hugs and the laughs… what an enrichment of one’s riding life!

So with five months out, I want to share the women’s events that I know of – I’d love to hear of more events or initiatives for or by women (send me an email here) and help spread the word via the Rocky Trail platform!

Cheerio, Juliane

31 March ’19

Jack’s Ridge in Nambucca State Forest, NSW | 1.5 and 3 hours

Postponed to 2020

Stromlo Forest Park, Canberra | Long and short course race | Guided Tours

2019 date tbc

Orange MTB Club, NSW | Various distance “Shebangs”

2019 date tbc

Redlands Track Park, QLD | 3 hour