2020 Shimano MTB Pointscore explained

In 2020 we are changing the way we calculate the series points. As we are running more GP races this makes it easier for teams to compete when they swap riders out. Here are the rules:

  • To qualify for overall series wins, riders need to complete at least 3 races in one category.
    If you only want to race in one or two events that is perfectly fine but your won’t be eligible for a podium, which you are unlikely to get anyways as other riders will have more points, however it’s possible in some of the smaller categories.
  • Racers will accumulate points against their name in each category they compete in.
    This is the biggest change compared to our previous seasons. Rather than get points towards your team name you get them towards each individual rider. So in the Team of 2 categories both riders from the winning team will get maximum points.
  • Names must be spelled exactly the same way in all races. It is the responsibility of the rider to double check the correct spelling in the pointscore.
    Tim, Timothy and Tim-o are 3 different riders as far as the points are concerned so please make sure you us the same name all season long. If there are double ups they can be combined but it’s up to you to check the results and let us know if Timmy and Timbo need to be merged.
  • Racers can compete under different team names.
    We only mention this because it is different to previous years where you were not allowed to change your teamname. So if you have new supporters or sponsors coming on board and you wish to race under their name you can use whichever teamname you would like for each race.
  • A rider can be in the points multiple times in different categories.
    If you race solo in races 1,2,3 and in a team in races 4,5,6 you will be in the results twice. Once in the solo and once in the team categories.
  • The best 6 races will count towards the overall series title.
    9 races are on offer in NSW and the ACT in 2020 and your best 6 results will count towards the overall results. If you compete in 7 or more events then you will drop your lowest points.
  • Points scored in one category can’t be transferred to another.
    If you race in different categories throughout the year you won’t be able to merge those points. As you are racing different racers/teams in every category this is simply not possible to do in a fair way. Keep this in mind if you are swapping out team mates that put your team into a different age category.
  • After the second round we will publish the accumulated points.
    You will be able to find them on the Results page.

We will award series prizes according to team sizes. E.g. in the Team of 2 categories there will be 2 winners.
Looking forward to our biggest season of Shimano MTB GP racing with you.