A message for our Diamonds

My dear Diamonds,

Guess what – I went out for a ride today (coming back to a toddler who started screaming the second he saw me and all)!

I just wanted to drop a note to all ‘my Diamonds’ who will be joining me at the Diamonds in the Dirt Event this Saturday to say, WOW! I am so impressed by the variety of riders and backgrounds we will be having at Awaba MTB Park! From ex-trackies to experienced triathletes to a mum with a 7-week old baby who is getting back into it and for many it will be the first MTB event they are attending.

I know you all are making a huge effort to be there with me and I wanted to say that I really appreciate it!

I can’t wait to welcome you all out there for a ride and a cheeky race!

I wanted to share some of those comments you girls have written down about your riding background, because to me this shows the sheer force of women in mountain bike riding – we are all so different and yet share this common passion for riding… I just love the thought of that.

So, here we go – this is “us” Diamonds:

I have been riding in the bush on and off about 6 years now (Glenrock is my local), have had 2 kids in the middle, my oldest is nearly 3 and my baby is only 7 weeks old! Getting back into riding with the help of my e-bike. This will be my first ever event.

Road Rider/racer for many years. Just started MTB 2 months ago.

Currently a road cyclist, really interested in getting into Mountain biking

Was a trackie in a former life

Just started riding this is my first race

I am at my happiest, my zen is with my beloved Harriet hardtail beneath me in our awesome bush.

Smaller and slower than I would like

Bikes are life

Mtb for 18 months, a few races including P2P. Did diamonds in the dirt last year.

Just bought a Stumpy and feeling overconfident 🙂

I’ve only done one short race before, and I don’t train enough so this 3hrs is going to hurt by the end!

I ride to explore! I love hanging out with like minded peeps. Adventure is the key.

Mainly road riding. MTB trails socially. Will be first MTB event

Triathlon, road bike racing & adventure racing. Minimal mtb riding

I have recently started mountain biking and absolutely love it. This will be my first attendance/participation in a mountain bike racing event. I’m excited just to get out there and give it a go!

I’ve been riding for a while now both MTB and roadie and would like to have a go at riding in a race atmosphere for MTB. Although my tummy is filled with butterflies I’m sure once I start these may settle😃

Love to MTB in my local area on the Northern Beaches and head to wherever the MTB adventures are wioth friends and family.

Love Bike Riding and Love RockyTrail Events. So happy to be at Diamonds 💎 number 3

Forever improving

MTB and road cycling for about 7yrs now, mostly for fun, some club races – FUN IS THE AIM OF THE GAME! (:

Love riding my mtb😁

Novice getting into racing

I enjoy social MTB riding and complete occasionally .

Being on my pushy, in the bush, is the best!

Fear of magpies

Riding for 6 years. Past 2 years with eBikes. First race as an EBike rider. Thanks Juliane for introducing the event x

family rides and biking holidays plus regualr fun in Glenrock

I love riding

LOVE mountain biking. Awaba is a fave. Getting back into it after a long break due to illness …

Love riding but haven’t been on a bike for years. this should great fun!!!!!

I ride once or twice each week with friends – about a 2 and a half hour ride in the forest/hills nearby

Started riding at age 40, took up racing a few years later. Now down the track (so to speak) I’m battling the usual ageing process and gettting slower, but still super keen. Love the trackside atmosphere, the camaraderie of women riding together and the thrill of knowing that I’m pushing myself to my limits when I race!

Love cycling, road or mountain bike, doing this to gain some confidence

MTB both long and short distance both single track and cross country for 10 years on and off between having 3 kids. I have participated most recently in two Xterra races and 2 cross X triathlons. I socially enjoy mountain biking and recently went with a bunch of friends to Derby, Tasmania. I am happiest outdoors and I love exploring new places offroad on my mountain bike! I cant wait to get my kids into it so we can do more family based adventures.

Mainly ride road bike but been getting into mtb alot more lately. Bit the bullet and giving my first race a go 🙂 Nervous as hell but super excited!

Love riding and racing bikes. But haven’t raced for over two years and have done little riding in that time too but love supporting this womens only event #RIDEON

confident rider but very unfit and looking to get back into it 🙂

Casual rider for a few years. Would like to ride more often though . Haven’t raced before.

I started mountain biking when we moved to Australia from Austria and absolutely fell in love with the Aussie bush! I used to ride quite regularly and am not squeezing it in between being a mum and running a family business and teaching and consulting to third-party events. Internationally. So riding with so many inspiring women at the Diamonds will be an absolute treat!


xxx Juliane

See you all Saturday!



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