About Us

Rocky Trail Entertainment is one of the biggest cycling events companies in Australia.

Rocky Trail Entertainment is the only mountain bike events promoter in Australia who runs events across the entire annual calendar. We provide a powerful promotional platform to sponsors and a huge variety of events covering cross-country, downhill and superflow enduro events for a wide range of cyclists.

Our crew revolves around us – Juliane and Martin Wisata, the main Directors of the business. We are two passionate cyclists and mountain bikers and have been riding and racing in Australia ourselves for more than 15 years. Our backgrounds are in tourism and events management as well as strategic brand marketing and sales.

Each year we like to visit our families once a year in our home country Austria, which usually coincides with our teaching assignments: as lecturers we pass on our experience in strategic marketing and tourism management teaching Entrepreneurship in the Tourism and Leisure Management Faculty at the IMC University of Applied Science at campuses in Austria, Azerbaidjan and China.

Together Juliane and Martin assemble a crew of enthusiastic crew members, hosting more than 20 cross-country endurance, downhill and enduro gravity events a year. We attract more than 4,500 riders and an estimated 2,000 spectators and other event participants annually.

Juliane heads up our PR agency Rocky Trail Communication.

Riding predominantly cross-country trails with the odd Thredbo downhill dash, Juliane fell in love with enduro gravity riding and racing – she says, “One of my favourite tracks is Stromlo Forest Park, where I will always happily climb up to the Observatory, because I know that Skyline, Luge and Party Line are waiting for me up the top! I think that’s how I initially thought of ‘Rollercoaster’ for our own enduro gravity series which has now become the ‘Superflow’.” With our Rocky Trail Communication division I am looking after PR and media projects for key clients in the cycling industry – athletes and cycling initiatives. We have experience Australia-wide and have also been working on client projects overseas.

Martin manages our Rocky Trail Racing Team.

Martin has competed nine times in the Crocodile Trophy stage race in Queensland. Crazy? Maybe, but more so addicted and in love with exploring those hidden Outback trails! He’ll sneak in a couple of road rides to train for it too – Bumble Hill in the Yarramalong Valley is one of his favourite challenges, easy to get to from our home near the Ourimbah MTB Park. “I just love that I can work and live doing what I love. To chat with fellow riders at club races, to ride and race with them and then to see their big grins across our finish lines is the biggest reward!”

We are working together and helping other events with Rocky Trail Event Support.

Our Rocky Trail vision is to entertain, engage and excite cyclists and mountain bikers around Australia and be the leading mountain bike outdoor adventure specialist of choice. We want to motivate our racers to be active and have fun outdoors and we want to support each and everyone of them to achieve their racing goals. We want every cycling event we manage to become a memorable experience for all our racers and also for their supporters, families and friends who come along.

We combine our passion for cycling with our enthusiasm for destination branding in Rocky Trail Destination.

We aspire to be a contributor to the sustainable growth of the Australian cycling industry. Whilst considering environmental sustainability when we select locations and dates for our races, we have also built up a rapport with major land managers, local clubs and councils. It’s in our nature that we are always on the lookout and like to discover new MTB tracks and support tourism product development and event opportunities for the community.

We want to encourage people to discover how much fun it is to ride and race a mountain bike and to meet fellow riders – in cycling destinations and at mountain bike events that rock!

Want to know how, when, where and which event to pick? Do you want us to support you with cycling destination branding or need assistance with event management?

Email us at cycle@rockytrailentertainment.com or call us – we love to talk about riding!