ACT Round preliminary rider list + updated schedule

Here is the preliminary rider list for the Australian Gravity Enduro ACT Series Round – we’ve also updated the schedule (see PDF link).


>> Preliminary rider list

last update: 23 August, 4.30pm


>> Race schedule

last update: 23 August, 4.30pm


Race regulations

Please be mindful of the race rules – if you have any questions, please come and have a chat to to us!

Race Director: Martin Wisata
Timing and Results Commissaire: Juliane Wisata
If you have any problems or requests regarding the race please talk to the Race Director right away.

1. You ride in neutral to the starts – this time does not count.
2. Private shuttles are NOT allowed on race day.
3. You race down on a pre determined track – this time does count.
4. No shortcutting the track even if it is not bunted.
5. You are issued a timing chip and need to clock yourself in and out of each race run.
6. Riders are responsible themselves to clock in their race time with the Timing Commissaires at the timing computer after EACH race run.
7. Timing chips must be returned to the Timing Commissaires after the last race run at the finish area. Riders who fail to return their timing chip will be disqualified from results and cannot claim series points.
8. Race numbers must be displayed on the handlebars of the bicycle. The number plate must be readable, so it must be fastened as flat as possible. Altering, cutting or placing of unauthorized sponsors’ logos on numbers will result in a penalty. You can keep your number plate as a memento of your race.
9. Riders must register before they will be allowed to practice.
10. Riders must present their MTBA membership card at registration or purchase a MTBA day permit.
11. All riders must wear a bike helmet that has been authorised by Australian Standards (or approved international standard) at all times when riding and racing. You will be required to wear fully enclosed foot wear and gloves are recommended.
12. A rider is allowed to restart his race run ONCE during the event in case he has a flat tyre. Re-runs because of other mechanical failures are subject to approval but the race director of chief commissaire. Things like crashing, overtaking, being overtaken, missing a turn do not warrant a re-run. All re-runs must be approved prior to starting again by the race director or chief commissaire. Riders who stop to help another injured rider will get a re-run.
13. You are allowed to change bikes in between your runs.
14. Series points will be awarded based on this point score. Your 5 best results from the 6 races will count.