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The Alpenflow Epic is a 4-day mountain bike event at Mt Buller organised by Rocky Trail Entertainment. Planned across a long weekend it invites outdoor and trail adventurers to bring bikes and gear and the fambam for an unforgettable Alpine event experience in Victoria’s High Country. Basically:

Everything you love about ‘rocky trails’ in the one spot.

Alpenflow Epic, Mt Buller

Event preparations

As a mountain bike events organiser the Alpentour Epic is everything we love about our job: an incredible variety of trails and races we can put on – in the Australian Alps on top of it! – mountain bikes, spending a long weekend with our Rocky Trail racers, staff and crew, making it all happen seamlessly – it’s what we live for. However, I’m not going to lie – in the 13-year history of Rocky Trail Entertainment the Alpentour Epic has to have been one of the most challenging events to prepare for.

For many people around the globe an in our line of work it seems, the end of the year 2020 became their deadline and their motivating focal point to which they anchored their expectations. At Rocky Trail, rather, we have been working towards a ‘when the war is over’ mentality.

As tough as it is for us – and for everyone – we are ready for 2021 and delivering this race, even when in the current Covid-19 environment it’s like we have to plan the unplannable.

Our ultimate goal in the race lead up is to support our racers as much as we can with information and to give you the confidence that we are looking out for you.

Registering & Trip Planning

With ongoing and ever-changing Covid-19 Federal and State Regulations we are still confirming all details. We are not making decisions lightly and have been liaising with all event delivery and destination partners to offer our racers and event visitors a smooth sign-up process and clear guidelines every step of the way in the event lead up.

We have been working on and will be communicating very clear event registration rules for as many scenarios as possible. This is how the process will work once registration opens – hopefully in w/c 18 January:

Race rego

Register on Rocky Trail website.
There are 4 racing events and separate regos for each. When registering a group for an event, click on “Register Multiple Riders” at the start.

Book add-ons

Book shuttles with Blue Dirt directly, please.
We organised shuttle services with Blue Dirt as an add-on. Check out all Event Services.

Book your stay

Book accommodation directly, please.
Secure your accommodation – we have partner offers for you.

Monitor News

Keep checking the news via the website and be sure on our newsletters. We will keep populating the schedule with side-events, including DJ Sunset Sessions in the Village Square.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Mt Buller!

Do you have any questions?

Talk to us via our online chat – click on the orange circle symbol on your bottom right screen corner and we’ll be right with you! (We always love talking bikes, racing and riding!)

Juliane Wisata
Juliane Wisata

Co-founder, Marketing Director