Alpenflow Epic Marathon | Mt Buller VIC | 06.03.2021

6. March 2021

An epic alpine marathon adventure is calling and you must go!

Let this wilderness racing experience fill your soul!

Race the Alpenflow Epic Marathon

“Finally! I’ve been looking for this marathon track in Australia for 13 years. It’s like Alpentour meets Mongolia Bike Challenge and Crocodile Trophy, hands down the best mountain bike trail combination I’ve ever ridden in my whole life.”

10 year Alpentour Trophy participant, 10-time Crocodile Trophy Finisher and 3-time Mongolia Bike Challenge competitor and Rocky Trail Race Director Martin Wisata who set the Alpenflow Epic Marathon Course in December 2020, during his first stay at Mt Buller.

In the spirit of resilience, we bring you the Alpenflow Epic Marathon at Mt Buller in 2021. With our Austrian alpine roots, fuffice to say the Rocky Trail crew has been looking for this type of race track in Australia since we founded this business in 2008.

This unique marathon racing event features a giant circuit starting in the heart of the Buller Village and takes its warriors out onto the amazing alpine trails and lets you dive into the iconic wilderness surrounds that Buller is so renowned for.

In this marathon you’re in for cross-country marathon racing at altitude at its best, let the trails do the talking: Family Trail, Soul Revival, One Tree Hill, Gang Gangs, Australian Alpine Epic Trail, Delitite River Trail, River Spur Trail, Stirling Circuit Rd, Cornhill Rd, Split Rock, Family Trail.

There will be two options to finish:

  1. Roll across the line at Mirimbah Park (~50-55km) – get your family and fans to await you at the finish or book a shuttle add-on to get back to the Buller Village.
  2. For the full marathon, keep going on an ‘EPIC CLIMB’ for the full distance (~70km) and finish at Village Square.

Both races will be an amazing experience!


Mt Buller, VIC – featuring the Australian Alpine Epic Trail

Race tracks used

  • We start in the heart of the Buller Village and are heading East on the Family Trail, making our way via Soul Revivial, One Tree Hill and Gang Gangs to the main Australian Alpine Epic Trail.
  • We stay on the full Australian Epic Trail with an awesome descent into the first Finish 1 at Mirimbah Park. Finish there and enjoy the company of your family and fans as they await you or pre-book a shuttle add-on to get back up to the Buller Village.
  • The full distance racers will continue on the Delitite River Trail.
  • On the menu then to climb up: River Spur Trail, Stirling Circuit Rd, Cornhill Road, Split Rock and the Family Trail towards the Finish 2 at Village Square!

Elevation profile

On course feed zone: Telephone Box Junction

The Rocky Trail crew loves racing themselves and set this marathon course so that we can offer an ideal on course service with feed zones locations that can be accessed easily also by accompanying families and friends as well as spectators.

As indicated on the map and elevation profile, the first feed zone is located at Telephone Box Junction. This feed zone is also a major marshal and emergency services location, after approx. 19kms from the start. From here it is 25km to go Mirimbah Park and a total of 45km to get to the Mt Buller Finish. This feed zone and the Stirling Café are accessible by supporters and spectators via Mt Stirling Rd.

With a quick water, energy drink and complementary race snack re-fill station right next to the course for those podium chasers, the Mt Stirling Cafe is right there too. As well as the usual water, food, and toilets riders can expect Barista prepared coffee, made to order hot food, and homemade cakes and pastries for purchase at the Mt Stirling Café.

Mirimbah Park – Finish “EPIC” distance

The Finish of the ~50-55km “EPIC” distance of the Alpenflow Epic Marathon is at Mirimbah Park after a rewarding 400-500vm descent.

This is the location of one of the feed zones and one of the major marshal points with finish/split timing point as well as a first aid and emergency services hub. Easily accessible for spectators here family and friends can pick you up or you can get a shuttle pass add-on, pre-booking is essential as per VIC State Govt Covid-19 regulations.

Coming soon: How to book the shuttle add-on for the 55km racers.

Village Square – Finish “FULL EPIC” distance

Mirimbah finish area will also have a feed zone for the riders completing the “FULL EPIC” marathon distance. From here it is approximately 20km to go to climb back to Mt Buller Village Square and the event hub. A final water and energy re-fill feedzone is planned after the major climb with about 10-12km to go, exact location to be confirmed in the rider briefing ahead of the race.

Race Format

The core elements of this marathon event are:

Giant race circuit

Start at the Village Square and experience pure freedom on two wheels in the Victorian High Country.

2 distances =
2 finishes

Finish 1 after ~50-55km with an ‘epic’ descent into Mirimbah Park.
Finish 2 – you keep riding to climb up to the Buller Village (~70km).

Race support on course

Marshals and feed zones as well as First Aid Services and intermediate LIVE timing points.

Race photos included

Race photographers out on course to document your ‘epic’ marathon race.

Entry Fees & Categories

Our Covid-19 Response
  • We are Covid Safe compliant, your briefing will be virtual, we’ll be social distancing, the podium ceremony will be virtual and we’ll make this the safest event you’ve ever been at!
  • We expect all event participants to observe strict social distancing practices and will communicate specific rules and regulations in the rider briefing, which will be communicated via email to all registered competitors, via the website and our social media channels in the week before the race.

Destination & Plan your trip to Buller

Head to the event LOCATION page for a collection of all race maps and travel tips to Mt Buller!

Coming soon: accommodation and shuttle packages!

What else is on?

Expect lots of feel-good activities for visiting families, partners and kids and a delicious showcase of the regions culinary highlights!

Rocky Trail will provide a #rockytrailjourney destination guide in the event lead-up with all the important travel and booking details to make this your perfect Alpine mountain biking and trail getaway!

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Resort Management Board CEO, Mark Bennetts

“The best trail I have ever put my tyres on – I have been looking for this marathon track for 12 years! We call this an ‘epic’ kind of marathon for a reason! The Alpenflow Epic Marathon is like Alpentour Trophy meets Croc Trophy meets Mongolia Bike Challenge! Everything you love about marathons in the one spot – alpine terrain, massive panoramic views, river crossings, big climbs, flowy descents and a finish in a mountain village with a cold beer waiting for you!”

Martin Wisata, Rocky Trail founder & Race Director, 10-time Croc Trophy finisher and Ambassador, double Mongolia Bike Challenge Finisher and 10-time Alpentour Trophy Official

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