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Leave the world behind when you stay at Mt Buller. With more on-mountain beds than anywhere else in Victoria you can step out your door and be on the magnificent Alpine trails in the morning without wasting a precious moment. Mt Buller has plenty of accommodation options for all tastes and budgets – from simple, hostel-style accommodation and self-catering apartments to ski club lodges and luxurious alpine retreats.

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Mt Buller Accommodation

With Mt Buller’s extensive range of accommodation options, taking a summer break is easier and more affordable than ever. Whether you’re looking for an adrenalin-packed weekend or a quiet mountain getaway, Mt Buller has something to suit every style and budget.

There are a number of bike friendly accommodation venues offering basic bike repair equipment, bike wash, storage and will be able to give you the heads up on where to ride and chat all things bike!

Mt Buller is an ideal destination for clubs and groups to get together, no matter what you’re into!

Mt Buller has a great selection of lodges and ski clubs that are ideal for groups. With a variety of low-cost rooms including dorm style, twin, double and ensuite rooms (room types vary between lodges), as well as communal kitchens, shared bathrooms and lounges for socialising, they provide a fun and flexible option to accommodate your group. Some properties can also be booked on an exclusive use basis – meaning you’ll have the run of the place for your stay.

Head to the summer accommodation page for a run down of our on mountain summer properties.

Alternatively, contact our reservations consultants, who are on hand to assist you in planning an escape for your group.

T: 1800 BULLER

E: reservations@bullerholidays.com.au

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