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Every ride is like a little holiday.

… and every Rocky Trail event an opportunity to promote your region, products & services and your local brand to our broad audience of cyclists, mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts… and their families and friends!

Rocky Trail Entertainment will be hosting the
Labour Day long weekend MTB lifestyle event at
Mt Buller Resort in March 2021!


Mt Buller Alpenflow Epic 3-day MTB Lifestyle Event

We are offering local businesses in and around the Mt Buller & Mt Stirling Resorts a free promotional platform – let us become a marketing channel to promote your business to our audience: the community of Rocky Trail racers!

We invite you to be part of this weekend to promote your brand, services and products to our very captive outdoor and mountain bike lifestyle community – here’s a bit about us and how you can get involved!

Rocky Trail Entertainment has been organising mountain bike lifestyle and competitive events across Australian metropolitan and regional areas since 2008. We have created a strong community of outdoor and bike lovers – to local businesses in and around our venues and destinations we are offering an engaging promotional platform.

Let us tell you a bit about us

Rocky Trail Entertainment is now one of the biggest private cycling events companies in Australia. Founded in 2008, we are the only mountain bike events promoter in Australia who runs events across the entire annual calendar and in four states NSW, VIC and QLD and the ACT. We provide a powerful promotional platform to sponsors and a huge variety of events covering cross-country marathon and lap races, gravity and superflow enduro events for a wide range of cyclists.

We want to encourage people to discover how much fun it is to ride and race a mountain bike and to meet fellow riders – in cycling destinations and at mountain bike events that rock!

Our COVID response

After a hibernation in early 2020, we re-launced in July that year with tight Covid-Safety Plans, based on Federal, State and Territory health regulations. We have been working with venue and destination partners across our events portfolio and have kept our racers and the local communities safe. We implemented and continue to revise our accredited Covid-Safe Plans and specific processes in accordance with health regulations in each State/Territory and as laid out by the Australian Government. We have seen rising bicycle sales and have been able to keep our very active customer base engaged so that they are now very eager to get back out onto the race tracks.

We have alternative plans and dates in place as part of our Covid-19 response strategy. We will liaise with local partners and suppliers in the race lead up and we will keep you updated about any developments. For scenarios and alternative dates expand section below.

  • Plan A: VIC borders are open and everything goes ahead as planned on 5-8 March 2020.
  • Plan B: VIC border is open to QLD and regional NSW only, we can get the QLD team in who will run the Epic Superflow element only, but the other events will happen at a later date
  • Plan C: VIC border is shut and the entire event will be pushed back to November 20-22.

Our marketing channels

In summary our core marketing channels for destination promotions & local business support are:

Website & Blog

Online registration portal and promotional platform.
8,000-12,000 visits per week


10,000+ followers
1,000+ FB Group
60,000 post reach p.w.
9,000 engaged p.w.


5,300+ followers
100-150 likes per post

Newsletter & PR

Consumer & media database 14,000+
for newsletter and media release distribution to cycling as well as local and regional media outlets (print, online, radio, TV).

Who will come to the Mt Buller Alpenflow Epic

Let us introduce you to our #rockytrailracers:

Race participants

Male 25-45

Riding solo or in a group of mates, many bring their partner and young family along to spectate.

Male 45-55

Riding solo or in a group of mates, many bring their partner and older family along to participate also or to spectate.

Juniors 12+

Come to event with racing mum & dad or with friends (parents spectate).

Empty Nesters

Riding solo or in a group of friends, strong eBike potential. Find it challenging to motivate partner to come along.

Female segments

Whilst men are the dominant gender in our rider statistic with 85-90% participation on average across all events, Rocky Trail has been nurturing the female segments across the portfolio of events. As such we have created a strong following by elites and experienced amateur racers.

Visiting families and friends

From the beginning, a major goal for Rocky Trail Entertainment has been to engage the non-racing visitors at their events. Good coffee and food are a given and free kids races and activities make it fun and ‘entertaining’ to accompany a racing family member or friend to our event.


Showcase your business to visitors – be part of our targeted online and social media promotional campaign.

We offer this platform for FREE to businesses in regions/councils who actively support our events. Look out for the council or destination logo on the race website or contact us to check.

Rocky Trail Entertainment is one of the most professional sports promoters and race organisers in Australia. Our promotional activities not only focus on the competition, but also the event venue – and the destination in particular!

What you give:

  • Offer the Rocky Trail event participants an incentive to come into your shop, cafe, restaurant or book accommodation or an experience with you, like:
    • Discounts (% off, stay 3 pay 2, kids under certain age eat/drink free etc.)
    • Add-ons (free breakfast, free coffee/drink with a meal, junior meals etc.)
    • Service vouchers or product prize for draw or giveaway (generally expected value RRP $100 total)
    • Other incentive (itinerary, experience ideas, special information about your product/service etc.)

What you get:

  • Mention with link to your Website/Facebook on the Rocky Trail event social media communications portals in event lead-up as part of your destination’s event promotional campaign to boost bookings and sales
  • Space for flag/ banner in event centre (to be delivered to event centre on the day before race day – arrange via contact below)
  • Opportunity to provide flyers/business cards at the registration desk of the event
  • Potential opportunity to have a stand at the event centre to showcase or sell (please discuss with the event managers to avoid any conflict of interest to existing/pre-approved major sponsors or supporters and heavily depends on event participant capacity in accordance with COVID-regulations)

Interested? – Contact Juliane or Jo and we can help you find the best way to activate our audience!


We are also seeking to purchase local products as prizes and/or giveaways for riders to add another element of showcasing what the region and local businesses have to offer.

What you give:

Offer Rocky Trail a discounted purchase price

What you get:

All elements of the Promotional Package (see above
PLUS: Additional Social Media exposure – one post about product across FB and Instagram page and/or story)


We can also offer you a custom-sponsorship package, if you would like more coverage – here is a local sponsorship example:

What you give:

Financial sponsorship $500 — cash or in-kind, like free staff accommodation
Product sponsorship — provide free product prizes for giveaways valued at RRP $500

What you get:

All elements of the Promotional Package (see above)
PLUS: Logo in event Rider Briefing (on website and email newsletter)

Contact us!

Let’s chat about how being a local business partner of Rocky Trail Entertainment events could add value to your business.

We look forward to your email or phone call.

Jo Parker
Jo Parker

Event Manager

Via Email or Call +61 424 955 332

Do you have any questions?

Talk to us via our online chat – click on the orange circle symbol on your bottom right screen corner and we’ll be right with you! (We always love talking bikes, racing and riding!)