AMB 100 Marathon | Stromlo ACT | 17.09.2023

The AMB100 Marathon has its home at UC Stromlo Forest Park – it’s an awesome place to RIDE – discover with us how much fun it is to RACE!

Take on this marathon on giant circuit at UC Stromlo Forest Park – you pick your distance! Do one cheeky lap, two to catch the racing bug or three for a classic marathon… early start and sunrise lap for the 100-miler anyone?

Join locals and mountain bikers from all over Australia and conquer the Stromlo trails!

The AMB100 is loaded with Stromlo’s so iconic single trails and every year our race track is updated to be sure to link up as many of the most popular ones. This year the race track is almost 30km long and will surprise you surprises with Stromlo’s hidden gems, which will make it a challenging and unforgettable experience (even for the locals!). It’s one of those races that will make you come back for more every year!

This is your unique annual chance to race Rocky Trail’s ‘giant monster circuit’ at Stromlo!

Spring racing in the Capital! The sweeping climbs, rocky descents and flowying trails at Stromlo mean that it gets you into a rythm that makes it one of the most fun and rewarding races you’ll ever do.

Race Information

AMB100 Race Format

You can Choose Your Own Challenge with the options to ride Single, Double, Triple Laps or the 100-Miler with 5 Laps.

This is a lap-based circuit race. The 2023 circuit is 29.5km and the distance challenges are:

HERO Triple: 3 laps for the full marathon challenge
ADVENTURE Double: 2 laps – the most popular distance
CHALLENGE Single: 1 lap for a relatively quick but still hard race
The 100 MILER: 5 laps which has a small but very dedicated following of hard racers

The traditional start is a mass gun start for the first three classifications and there is usually a short addition to the race circuit, an extra bit of firetrail, to avoid congestion on the first lap. Start for the 100miler is very early to give you that rewarding morning lap and let’s you finish with the crowd. After each lap the times will be recorded at the event centre; the fastest rider in each category wins. Male and female age categories offered include Junior, Elite, Master and SuperMaster.

Bring family & friends
This is a family-friendly event with kids races and activities. Yummy food, coffee and drinks will be available all day and the riders are treated to fresh fruit, energy drinks and snacks at the Euro-style feed zone in the event centre after each lap!

What is the race circuit like?

Supported by the Australian Mountain Bike Magazine and Events ACT, it features the longest racing circuit possible at the popular MTB park and for the classic marathon challenge participants will have to complete three laps of the 29.5km monster race circuit, which links together almost all trail sections at Stromlo. The mass race start will launch the single, double and triple lap races. By then the growing number of marathon addicts will have completed almost a third of their race – the five-lap ‘Miler’ kicks off earlier that morning with views of a glorious sunrise over the Capital.

In summary, the race track uses approximately 75% of the trails in Stromlo. Single track is broken up by 11 sections of forest trail.

  • Course length 29.5km.
  • Climbing 800m per lap.
  • Two major climbs: the gentler front face to City View (5km at an average of 5%) and the more punishing “Casuarina Climb” on the northern side (2km at an average of over 10%).
The infamous 5-lap Miler

In this race classification we dare you to start your pain fest of a race at sparrow’s fart – mind you, a morning lap at Stromlo is one of the most memorable experiences on your bike! Start in the dark and as the sun comes out, the view from the top of the observatory will put a spell on your legs to keep you going all day!

Best time of they day, out in the early morning light before it gets too hot alone with your thoughts.

Destination Info

Race and explore the Capital in Spring with us – a huge thanks to the Visit Canberra for their support. Click here for the #rockytrailracer Destination Guide in Canberra with lots of ideas for activities off the race track in and around the City plus plenty of accommodation offers from our Accommodation Partners.


Q: What has been a highlight for your racing the AMB 100 Marathon?

“The atmosphere and the event crew.” – Charlie Louise

“All the single track we get to ride!” – Gwynn McLeod

“Starting the 100 Miler in the dark!” – Jason English

“I love mix of single track, nice switch climbs, fast flowing descents, to rocky terrain out the back of Stromlo. Something for everyone to enjoy. The AMB100 is one of my favourites!” – Em Viotto

Comments via our Rocky Trail Family Facebook Group

May & June 2021

Racing at Stromlo is an immense challenge, and as patrons of the AMB 100 Marathon, we are excited to present this event for Australian Mountain Bikers. The trails and terrain at Stromlo always determine a deserving winner, and with the variety of challenges on offer from a one lap race to the 100 miler, and with paired racing options, there is something for everyone out there. I’ve raced on every continent except the big frozen one, but the trails and racing I have experienced at Mt Stromlo have always left me both exhausted and exhilarated. This will be one of the toughest races on the Australian calendar, yet the variety of events and location means it is accessible to many.

Mike Blewitt

Experienced marathon racer and editor of the Australian MTB Magazine, the event’s headline sponsor