AMB100 Marathon Jersey Launch 2021

The official race merchandise for the 2021 edition of the AMB100 Marathon is now available – add it to your registration when you sign up online!

The pre-orders need to be placed by 16 July 2021!

Jersey XC Race Cut and Gravity Shirt Designs

  • Cost: $85 per unit (XC jersey or Gravity shirt)

Remember, if you wish to order a Rocky Trail jersey together with your entry please select the style and size first. Jersey orders will be open until July 16 to ensure you get them in time for the AMB100.

Owayo have their own sizing charts which are here:

Sizing chart Gravity Shirt

Sizing chart XC Jersey

Do you have any questions?

Talk to us via our online chat – click on the orange circle symbol on your bottom right screen corner and we’ll be right with you! (We always love talking bikes, racing and riding!)