Sparrow Hill & Kowen Forrest MTB Trails – Canberra, ACT

What can you say about these forests… between them, they would have had more 24hr MTB and Marathon MTB races than any in the country, more club XC races than most, also hosted rally cars, sled dogs, trail running and more… and yet they remain a great place to ride and race in the ACT.

Race track

We have a lap in a figure 8 configuration consisting of the Sparrow loop and the Kowen loop.

  • Kowen loop is approx. 20km
  • Sparrow loop is approx. 19km

You can choose between the following different challenges:

  • AMB100 Single | 1 lap – Sparrow + Kowen loops once| 39km
  • AMB100 Double | 2 laps – Kowen + Sparrow loops ridden twice | 78km
  • AMB100 Triple | 3 laps – Kowen + Sparrow loops ridden three times | 116km

Sparrow offers hand-built trails through the pine forest that are in places smooth and flowy and in others rocky and tight. The over 100m elevation change can be hardly noticed when flowing through the fast forest section or brought into thigh burning focus when pushing up rocky pinch after pinch. A true test of the all-round mountain biker.

Kowen trails built predominantly by the infamous Kowalski Brothers and their network of volunteers has for years provided the pinnacle of marathon mountain bike tracks. Trails like the “Stairway to Heaven”, “Yipikaye” and “Quadrophenia” are burnt deeply into the memories of many as the now passed Mont 24hr and Kowalski Classic were either the first races or bucket list races for all Australian mountain bikers at one time.

Destination & Plan your trip to Canberra

For travel and other Covid related advice please visit the ACT Government website. You obviously need to be allowed to travel to the ACT in order to race.

Why not make it a weekend getaway to the Capital?

Check out what other events are on, including the “reimagined”Floriade Festival that weekend here! Iconic national attractions; riding Mount Stromlo’s bike trails; sipping our cool-climate Shiraz. Canberra offers the peak experience. It’s the best of Australia, brought together for you.

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Do you have any questions?

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