MITAS Terra in the Berra | Canberra ACT | 03.10.2020

Your 3-day Mission to Ride Canberra’s iconic Mountain Bike Trails.
3. – 5. October 2020

Event update 07.09.2020

Two words: Start training. Read more here.

Event update 05.09.2020

OK we have gotten some updates: the ACT rules as they are in place now won’t change anytime soon which is the bad news. The good news is that we at least know this now for sure and can work in a single direction as to how we can make it work. We are working hard on an event format that is fun, fair and safe and will let you know more in the coming days.

Event update 04.09.2020

It is 1 month before the event and we still don’t know if it can go ahead. To be honest with you this makes it unlikely to happen in 2020 but we haven’t given up yet. We are working with local authorities to find out if we can come up with a plan but it seems like those guidelines for events haven’t even been written yet. We will keep you up to date and will only decide to cancel the event once we know for sure that it can’t happen in any shape or form this year.

Event update 31.08.2020

With the gathering limit of 100 people which is currently in place in the ACT we will not be able to run this event. We are somewhat hopeful that this rule will be relaxed before the race but if not then we will have to postpone. An announcement from ACT government is expected on Thursday and we will hopefully know more then. Hang in there with us – racing will feel better than ever as soon as we are allowed again.

The 3 days of riding will feature Canberra’s best MTB experiences!

The Mitas Terra in the Berra is a three-day mountain bike event in Canberra. Under the patronage of the Canberra Off-Road Cyclist Club it promises to be a celebration of the vibrant cycling lifestyle in the Capital.

The three-day event will be a celebration of the vibrant cycling and mountain biking lifestyle in Canberra for local and visiting riders – a multi-day experience like no other: your 3-day mountain bike mission in the Capital!

Day 1

Race the hidden gems – discover small boutique parks with Pine Island Reserve and the magnificent Murrumbidgee River Trails.

Day 2

The spectacular AMB 100 Marathon feature on a 25km monster circuit and lots of fun for the whole family at Stromlo Forest Park.

Day 3

The grand finale at Majura Pines and the Centennial Trail – enjoy a relaxed afternoon at the Mount Majura Vineyard event centre.

Stage Plan

Pine Island and Murrumbidgee River Loop

Event centre: Stromlo Forest Park

We start at the epicentre of Canberra’s mountain biking action at Stromlo Forest Park and ride south to Kambah Pools. From there the first race stage will be an ~13km individual time trial using the Murrumbidgee Discovery Trail into Pine Island to finish. Riders will then liaise back to Stromlo un-timed with the optional KOM (Dash for Cash) up Cooleman Ridge.

The total distance is a bit over 40 km long – this loop along the banks of the iconic Murrumbidgee River and on the southern Centennial Trails will be an incredible experience!

AMB 100 Marathon

Event centre: Stromlo Forest Park

The AMB 100 Marathon is one of Rocky Trail’s flagship cross-country events, with its unique ‘monster circuit’ at Stromlo Forest Park. The event offers a 25-30km race loop, connecting the most trail sections of any event held at Stromlo Forest Park. Depending on their chosen race option, Terra in the Berra participants will do one or two laps.

The AMB100 Marathon is part of the Terra in the Berra multi-day event and also remains a stand-alone competition. Riders can still register to race the AMB100 Marathon only.

Highlights from the 2019 event.

Majura Pines and Centennial Trail

Event centre: Mount Majura Vineyard

The grand finale to your racing weekend with a cruisy race at Majura Pines and on the Centennial Trails, then enjoy a relaxed afternoon at Mount Majura Vineyard! Enjoy the local wines, food and live music right in the heart of the beautiful winery. – The perfect gathering for mountain bikers and their foodie friends and families!

Highlights from 2019 at Mount Majura Vineyard

Destination & Plan your trip

Make this your perfect MTB Spring weekend getaway if you come from out of town and explore your home trails at race pace plus discover some hidden gems you might not know about if you’re a local!

Stromlo Forest Park is located just 15 minutes outside the City Centre of Canberra and why not make it a weekend getaway to the Capital? There are so many things to see and do off the race track. There are a lot of ‘bike-loving places to stay‘ in Canberra and why not go on a hunt for the perfect ‘Instagram Moment‘? Check out what other events are on that weekend here and follow our event blog for more ideas!