Australian Gravity Enduro Series announced for 2014 racing season

Leading the charge for Gravity Enduro racing to grow and develop in Australia are two of the country’s most successful pioneers so far of the new school of mountain bike racing. Alpine Gravity and Rocky Trail Entertainment have both followed the huge growth in the sport from Europe and North America, and run their own state race series events in Victoria and New South Wales/ACT respectively, for this new style of mountain biking. They have now teamed up to lead the charge in running a professional, exciting, and truly Australian series based on the Enduro World Series, with multiple stage events and a big diversity in courses and locations.

Their vision for this true Aussie series is to incorporate local experience and know-how of both the most exciting trails and the best ways to run events in specific areas. The two companies are working with South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and Queensland to unite and summon riders across the country to races that will be part of the most professional and amazing gravity enduro mountain bike series in Australia.

The Australian Gravity Enduro Series will bring diversity, value for money and an experience aimed squarely at the most important aspect of racing, THE RIDERS. This series will give each rider a great experience at each round, focusing on great trails and lots of riding time.

“Established by riders for riders, the main focus of the new Australian Gravity Enduro Series will be on the racers and the key ingredient will be having a lot of fun on your bike”, the organisers said today. The multi stage gravity enduro format was just like riding with mates and thrashing some of the best trails in the country, with a little competitiveness thrown in for good measure, they added. Courses in the series will have a big mix requiring some fitness, technical bike skills and a sense of adventure, providing an equal chance for all types of mountain bikers including cross country riders, weekend trail riders, and downhillers.

Series dates and locations are expected to be announced in the next few weeks.

Photo courtesy Rocky Trail/Ales Matousek
Photo courtesy Rocky Trail/Ales Matousek