Australian MTB Film Fest launches in March!

Its official, the Australian MTB Film Fest is going ahead at the Alpenflow Epic in Mt Buller in March. We have sponsors, prizes and a cinema confirmed.

​Open to everyone, we are committed to help young filmers, editors and riders, as they are as much a part of riding as anyone else.

The theme is ‘Good News’.

Edit time is up to 4 minutes. Open to all interpretations, from creative narratives to straight riding clips to short movies. We’re over bad news, and we want to see how you interpret the theme.

​Start stacking clips and give the page a follow. If you’ve ever wanted to see your work on a cinema screen, here is your chance.

​As a ‘cherry’ on top, many of our sponsors are looking for filmers/riders in the future and this is a way to go to the top of their list.

​If you are a brand, we’re open to submissions as well, just pop us a message and we’ll make sure everyone is on the same page!

More info and how to submit your film coming soon.