Bike Review: Martin’s Pivot 429

Through our connection with JetBlack Cycling, one of Rocky Trail’s major sponsors across the entire portfolio of events, Martin Wisata  has been riding and racing Pivot Bikes for years.

Coming back from the Mongolia Bike Challange by Selle SMP he had only one thing to say about his trusted Pivot 429, “This was the best bike to bring to that race.” He added that it just perfectly suited his riding style, “It just fits me and my riding style so well – I open it all up and then you can just smash it. I’m like ‘Suspension, go to work, let’s do this’ and it just comes to the party, every single time.”

It was the first time that Martin raced in Mongolia and it was hard to prepare without knowing what to expect. But from previous stage racing experience at the Crocodile Trophy, Martin set up the bike as follows:

  • Pivot 429 frame
  • Fox forks and shock
  • Mitas Skylla tyres front and back – running relatively  high pressures with 38psi rear and 36psi front
  • Shimano drive train 2×11 XT
  • Shimano XT break set

“The MBC didn’t have many technical sections, but a lot of long, fast sections on very rough terrain with a lot of small bumps. There, I could put the bike into full descent mode, sit down and just powered through it, while other riders had to work hard standing up. There were sections where we were sitting on 40km/h for a long time.”

Where will the Pivot take him next we wonder? …..


Photos: Mongolia Bike Challenge

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Martin has raced the same bike at two Crocodile Trophy stage races in Queensland already and it was ideal for the rough and diverse terrains that this particular event throws at it’s racers also.

Photos: Crocodile Trophy

CRO_2516 CRO_2520 CRO_2626 CRO_2631 CRO_2634 CRO_3113