Canberra: Event Line-Up September 2021

Stromlo Forest Park Rocky Trail Fun Fact: Did you know that our founders got engaged there after crossing the finish line of an adventure race in 2007? Rocky Trail was founded shortly after in January 2008 and the joy of riding and racing this ever-expanding trail network – now with our 5-year old as a family – will forever be one of the major reasons why we love this sport so much!

Let us take you there this Spring – two back to back weekends with race tracks that will showcase the awesomeness of Stromlo Forest Park!

  • Sat, 18 Sept – Diamonds Social Ride: Women’s Only or AMB100 track ride with the Rocky Trail Team
  • Sun, 19 SeptAMB100 Marathon on a giant circuit for 1 cheeky lap or a 2-lap smashfest, classic 3 lap marathon distance or the 5-lap 100 Miler with sunrise out on course
  • 25+26 September weekend Fox Superflow sealed by Stan’s… will we break our 660+ competitor record from March this year?!? Bring it!

Want to enter but worried about restrictions? Don’t stress it, we’ve worked with everyone to date, whether its a transfer or refund. At this point, we are lucky that a short break was on the calendar, and we don’t have any necessity to move events now.

Event line-up September 2021

Diamonds & RT-Crew Social Ride

Join the Rocky Trail Crew for a relaxed FREE social ride! 2 options: Women’s Only Ride (10-15km) or AMB100 race track ride for female or male riders.

AMB 100 Marathon

This is Australia’s single trail marathon! Take on the giant circuit at Stromlo Forest Park – you pick your distance! 1 cheekly lap, 2 lap smashfest, classic 3 or 100 Miler.

Fox Superflow®

The gravity enduro that will turn up the volume in your MTB life! 15 race runs for party trains, railing berms and SENDING IT!

AMB100 Merchandise 2021

Pre-order your AMB100 Jersey and/or shirt by 16 July!

You can now add your 2021 Edition AMB100 Marathon Merchandise to your online registration and you can also get your hands on these hotties, if you can’t make the race!

Please ‘sign up’ for any race category in the AMB100 here, select the correct jersey and use the voucher code JERSEYONLY

This gets rid of the entry fee. You can pick it up at the event or we can mail it to you to the address provided after the race.

Spring racing in the Capital!

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