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Rocky Trail Entertainment has had a love-affair with racing in Canberra for over a decade. Stromlo Forest Park holds very personal memories for the team – our founders got engaged there after an adventure race many (many, many) years ago and since then we’ve loved re-discovering the ever expanding trail networks in the Capital!

What makes Canberra such a cycle friendly city? Is it the designated bike lanes on the main roads, or the extensive network of bike paths weaving their way throughout the city? We reckon it’s the range of cafes and venues that position themselves as ‘bike friendly’, or the year-round calendar of popular cycling events, including Rocky Trail’s line-up for Canberra every year!

Why not make it a weekend getaway to the Capital with us? There are so many things to see and do off the race track. There are a lot of spots for ‘bike-lovers‘ in Canberra and why not go on a hunt for the perfect ‘Instagram Moment‘? Check out what other events are on that weekend here, including the ‘re-imagined’ Floriade!

Rocky Trail Event Line-Up

Fox Superflow Async Enduro

Rocky Trail’s Superflow is “Racing the way you Ride”. This will be run under the new Rocky Trail Async Racing(TM) banner. One of three race days and specific start slots to pick so that our rider field spreads out.

Ride up at your own pace. Drop in with your buddies on each others tyre or leave a space to pin. It’s about doing party trains, railing berms and SENDING IT!

AMB100 Async Marathon

This event will be run on a figure eight race track at Sparrow Hill & Kowen Forests and
under the new Rocky Trail Async Racing(TM) format across 2 days and with time start slots.

Each half of the figure eight has its own mat start – you can have a break in between laps to self-support as spectators and supporters are not allowed in the start area.

Shimano MTB GP 4/7 hour

This is cross-country endurance lap racing at its best! From the first time between the tape to people that have spent a lifetime training for power output, we have you covered when you line up at the Rocky Trail start line!

Diamonds MTB & Run

“A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink.”

This is Rocky Trail’s women’s only MTB and trail running race.

Be ready for an event that is loaded with the kind of electrifying energy, which is created when strong women get together to race and let their female spirits soar!

For travel and other Covid related advice please visit the ACT Government website. You obviously need to be allowed to travel to the ACT in order to race.

Enjoy your time in the Capital!

“Find more than you came for!” – Iconic national attractions; riding Mount Stromlo’s bike trails; sipping our cool-climate Shiraz. Canberra offers the peak experience. It’s the best of Australia, brought together for you.


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The Statesman Hotel is our accommodation partner in Canberra.

The Statesman Hotel

Address: 14 Theodore St, Curtin ACT 2605
Phone: (02) 62811 777

“At just over 8km from Stromlo, we are the perfect destination to stay and recoup from a days riding. Bars, Bistro and Bottle Shop are inhouse to cater for your every need, we have secure parking available and we are adjacent to a shopping village and supermarket if you need something special.”

Ring the hotel direct on 62811 777, mention the code “ROCKY TRAIL” and let the Statesman Hotel Team look after you!

Our top tips for #rockytrailracers

Six Spots for a PicnicTake advantage of these sunny days with some of our favourite picnic spots across town—from parks to exclusive islands.
Cycle around CanberraBruce Ashely’s latest guide Cycling Around Canberra gives you the inspiration and confidence to get out on quieter streets, roads and bike paths and see what this city and its hinterland has to offer.
Why you need a Staycation in CanberraAdmire more than the usual collection in Canberra this spring. With the capital blanketed with a patchwork of spring blooms, a festival celebrating its status as a design hub and activities to recharge both the mind and body, there’s no better time for a visit or”Rocky Trail staycation”!
Canberra for young and old(er)Planning a short break for the whole family can present some hurdles to overcome. Striking a delicate balance between keeping the kids entertained and the adults stimulated is the way to go.
Get your brunch on in BraddonWhile social distancing and limitations on dine-in patrons apply, there are a number of cafes in Braddon ready to welcome you. It’s worth checking if they take bookings to ensure you won’t be disappointed.
Rekindle your culture vultureIf you have been missing your gallery and museum visits, the news is good. Canberra’s attractions have begun a phased approach to reopen. This weekend you can see a number of exhibitions, on the proviso you book a timed visit. – Start your day with a visit to the National Museum of Australia to see Endeavour Voyage: The untold stories of Cook and the First Australians.
Seven local bars and wineries to visitCanberra is home to loads of top-notch bars, wineries and distilleries where you can sip on locally crafted beverages — and meet their makers, too.
13 of Canberra’s best walksCanberra is a great city to live in if you love to walk. And in this strange time when we’re equally encouraged to physical distance and make sure we’re exercising, walks can be the perfect solution—just make sure to keep 1.5 metres between you and others.
Shop til you dropCanberra’s shopping scene is bursting with the best in boutique, local creations as well as homewares, big department stores, malls and fashion labels. Great shopping matched with plenty of cafes to rest weary feet can be found in the cool precincts of Braddon, the City and Manuka.

There are so many experiences that await,
here are just a few to get you started:

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