Covid-19 Event Update | 24 June

Sorry racers but this is not much of an update but more a letting you know what we are doing at the moment: in QLD we have our first 3 events that have launched and we are currently allowed to run with 100 people per day. The Fox Superflow in Nerang is already sold out and the Shimano MTB GP in Logan is about half full. There we have the option to add Sunday as raceday to the weekend but we are still waiting to see if the 4 square metre rule is officially announced which would mean we could have more racers on Saturday. The Fox Superflow in Ipswich will be run over the 2 days regardless.

In NSW we are currently allowed to run events with a maximum of 20 people which obviously is not something we can do. We also don’t have a date yet when either a bigger number of people or the 4 square metre rule will come into force. So we wait. We are keen and ready to go as no doubt are you but for now it means being patient. As soon as the rules change and we can run our NSW events we will let you know via email (subscribe if you are not on our email list already). We still think that we can restart in July as planned but just don’t know for sure yet.

Hope to see you soon,

Martin and the Rocky Trail Team