Covid 19 update – 2

Is it looking more and more likely that we will have to postpone our events scheduled in the next few weeks and possibly months. As no doubt you read plenty of statements about this situation I will keep it short:

While there are different scenarios playing out right now the one where more stringent crowd control measures come into play soon is a very likely one. As some of you may know we recently returned from Austria and are in touch with our family there who tell us that public life is essentially shut down for now. We believe that those measures are the correct ones and could come into effect here in Australia in coming weeks as well.

Those changes can effect our events in a very short time frame and we don’t want to be in a position where we have to send riders back after they have arrived already all ready to race.

If we have to postpone events and you have registered already your entry will automatically be transferred to the new date. If you have registered for the Fox Superflow or Shimano MTB GP races you can redeem your entry at any of the upcoming events this season. If you can’t make it to the new date of the JetBlack24 you will get a credit over the entire amount and can redeem it within the next 12 months. We will not be issuing refunds for the postponed events.

The final decision how to continue has not been made yet as we are waiting for more guidance from sources like NSW Health but we want to keep you updated about where we stand right now.

We as a family business are facing extremely challenging times ahead but are as well prepared as one can be. We appreciate your patience and understanding of our decisions.

Martin and the Rocky Trail Crew