The writing has been on the wall but now it is official and we are communicating our decision confidently yet with a heavy heart: we are postponing all Rocky Trail events until further notice.

We have been following global developments as you would have and so this won’t come as a big surprise. Juliane, Cosmo and I have just come back from Austria on Thursday and since then have been in regular contact with our families who have been in complete lock-down since Sunday. The government over there has been very vocal about scenarios and has been explaining their decisions really well, the entire country stands together and cooperating – we hope that this well be the case here too. We have also followed the developments in Australia these past few days. Based on information provided by the government, politicians and health organisations we had tried to keep up the hope that Australia was going to slow down the spread of the virus. – Until last night we actually discussed how we could still run events and what measures we would have to put in place to protect you racers, our event participants and communities with that infamous “500” number in place.

However, we’ve had a gut-feeling throughout it all that it would become more and more unlikely for us to safely deliver any event. Our decision to postpone our events comes from a place of care for the community – we see it as our responsibility to play our part to help limit the contact between people for a period of time. Even a week ago when we boarded the plane in Austria we would have never thought that this health crisis would impact our business life as severely.

Where to from here?

In the COVID 19 Update – 2 we explained what would happen to all riders who have entered already. In summary:

  • If you have registered already your entry will automatically be transferred to the new date.
  • If you have registered for the Fox Superflow or Shimano MTB GP races you can redeem your entry at any of the upcoming events this season.
  • If you can’t make it to the new date of the JetBlack24 you will get a credit over the entire amount and can redeem it within the next 12 months.
  • We will not be issuing refunds for the postponed events.

The planned new date for the JetBlack 24 will be June 6+7 2020

The new dates for all other events will be posted as soon as we know when we are operational again.

If we could recommend one thing, please be vigilant to get information regarding Covid-19 from trusted sources only; especially in times like these social media can help stay in touch, but we see a lot of mis-use and distribution of simply wrong facts, statistics and scare tactics. – Stay calm, we are.

Let’s stand together, let’s stay in touch!

As a family business we are relatively small, however, this will impact us in a big way. 2020 was going to be a massive year – expansion into Queensland, successful and thriving events in NSW and the ACT. But we won’t – we can’t – let this get to us, we are confidently looking towards the next few weeks and months. We’ll get back on track. Because of you.

To run awesome races for our #rockytrailracers and their families has been our motivation for over 10 years now and we won’t stop. We are so thankful for each and every message of support, which we have received already.

The next few weeks and months will be a very trying time for all of us and we genuinely wish for our family of #rockytrailracers to get through all this strongly. In fact, we know you and we all will. Know that by doing what you love – riding and racing bikes – you have already prepared yourself mentally and physically as best as you can for this crisis.

We will get through this, Rocky Trail Entertainment will survive and we will welcome you again at a startline in the future. It will be a big moment when we do.

Until then all the best and keep riding…by yourself or with someone you life with or by keeping a distance from each other. We’ll do the same and we’ll be very busy working out the new race and events calendar for you and we’ll keep you posted about our progress.

We’ll also be working on launching initiatives for us as a #rockytrailfamily to stay in touch – for now, please keep checking in with us:

We’ll get through this, together!

Martin and the Rocky Trail Crew