COVID-19 Update 5 – personal note 2

A few days have passed and after the initial rush things are starting to quiet down a bit now. Time for a quick update and my take on things.

Our families over in Austria are all in complete lockdown still and manage it well. No food shortages and you will be glad to hear that they all have plenty of toilet paper. Governments all around the world offer help in various forms financially. Australia is also working on measures, which are yet to be finalised in detail but overall it looks like they will be of real help to people across the country and companies like ours.

In Australia we have the unique situation of being in a well developed country with – so far – relatively few cases. This means things could play out in a few different ways:

1- Infection cases skyrocket and we are in for a tough time. Personally I don’t think so because this will only be the case if social distancing measures have no or little effect.

2 – Infection cases raise slowly but steadily. This would mean we are in this for quite some time but will manage to get through it.

3 – This third scenario is the one that gives me a lot of hope going forward and it is a plausible one: Infection cases rise for 1-2 weeks and then drop. Australian borders are now closed (as are most of the rest of the world), which means that new cases will come in very slowly if at all. Most cases in Australia can be traced to the source. In theory we can now stop this thing in Australia if we don’t pass it on to anyone for the next few weeks. It is a very small window of opportunity but it is here right now. All the social distancing measures in place right now will do this, but only if we all comply. When going about your day pretend you have the flu – even when you are perfectly healthy – and you don’t want to pass it to anyone.

So in short: if you want to race your bike again soon stay at home now. Let’s go over the top with our measures for a short timeframe. While we arrived back in the country before the mandatory quarantine rules came into place, Juliane and Cosmo haven’t left the house and the few times I went shopping I was either wearing a mask or being extremely careful with what I touched and kept a distance when talking to people. It is unlikely that I have it but I can’t know for sure and neither can anyone else.

Look out for each other – some of us will be more anxious and stressed than others. I hope that my opinion helps some to stay calm. See you on the trails soon…ish,