COVID-19 Update 6 – personal note 3

We need your help! When we decided to postpone our events we received a lot of messages of support from our racers. You said: if there is anything we can do to help let us know. I don’t ask you for help often but now I do! I want to reopen Rocky Trail Entertainment as quickly as possible, I don’t want to go bankrupt and more importantly I really really don’t want to stand on the next startline and hold a minute of silence for all the rockytrailracers who didn’t survive this epidemic!

We now have a small window of opportunity by taking the distancing measures that are being announced seriously and even take them over the top. The measures introduced yesterday in Australia are small compared to the ones currently in place in Austria and tougher measures will probably be introduced here too. Let’s be on the forefront of people who follow those guidelines and be the leaders among our friends. With data emerging from other countries I believe that Australia is in a lucky position and can ‘look into the future’ in a way.

Please: no more get togethers, no more group rides, no more BBQs with friends. Don’t do them, don’t post about them. You don’t know if you are carrying the virus and think about the implications to your parents and grandparents if you do give it to them. Protect yourselves and your families by staying at home. Only leave home if you absolutely have to for example by going for a solo ride. If you ride keep in mind that now is not a good time to visit a hospital and further strain resources needed elsewhere. Take the B-line and ride in a way where it’s very unlikely that you hurt yourself.

Tell friends who want to come and visit that now is not a good time (we did that yesterday). We can do this but we need to do this together and right now. Thank you very much for your help,