Covid update 19.08.2020

It’s been a few weeks where we didn’t have to write specific COVID blog updates. We could instead concentrate on delivering races and I must say it felt great. Lots of riders staying socially distant, great racing and a lot of (sometimes muddy) smiles. This was just as good for us as it was for all of you.

Unfortunately a new advice issued by NSW Health means that we won’t be able to bring you races in NSW in the next 6 weeks. This was not unexpected but we thought that it may happen a little later. We always said that we will bring you races as long as it is allowed and unfortunately this has now changed.

We are getting good at this game of constantly changing goalposts and in this instance I want to massively thank National Parks NSW, State Forests NSW, the Central Coast Ourimbah MTB Club and Stromlo Forest Park for working with us and being super flexible and quick with those constantly changing arrangements. Our website already reflects the new dates but further changes are likely so please watch out for them.

Luckily in QLD the races are going ahead and the northern crew is working hard to find more and more venues up there to keep us going.

See you soon,

Martin and the Rocky Trail Crew