Croc Stage 1 – Smithfield 33km/900m


It was a rocky start, literally, for our Il Pastaio/Rocky Trail Racing Team at the 2015 Crocodile Trophy. The team is in good spirits and ready to take on the next eight days, despite a few challenges thrown their way right on day one – from left:

Peter Selkrig race #91 in A4/50+ had bad luck – being in front in his age group he had a flat tire on the last lap and bobbed towards the finish when he got overtaken on the last few hundred metres by Garry James. These guys don’t leave anything out on track and I’d say they will continue a good battle for the category win over the next few days.

Clayton Locke with race #69 in A3/40+ did well and finished fourth in the A3 (40+) category.

Our team manager, Martin Wisata, took a corner just a tad bit too fast and hit a rock with his foot, so that it actually got yanked out of his pedals. A massive scratch on the Shimano shoes and a visit to the event doctor later – toe not broken! Yeih!!! Still managed to finish 6th in the A2/30+ category (race #42) 🙂

Guy Cowan race #71 in A3/40+ broke his saddle towards the end of the race and had to finish it standing up.

Trent Moore race #70 in A3/40+ burped his tire too.

So far so good, our racers are nicely clustered together in the Overall Ranking. Tomorrow is another day 🙂



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Official video highlights from Stage 1