Croc Stage 3 | Two podiums for the team at the Croc!

Eventful day today. The race started with a slight delay and a change in course as the army found some unexploded old ordinance near the track and closed it. Expecting a brutal stage Martin found a good rythm early as well as his climbing legs. He said that he got better as the stage progressed and crossed the line second in my age group.

It was then that a bit of drama ensued: as the 2 fastest of Martin’s age group took a wrong turn but got their time back he was relegated initially to 4th but as a very nice gesture the race commissaires called 2nd a tie and Martin got to stand on the podium.

Andrew Radcliffe finished 2nd in his age group with Robert Wieser being his domestique. So 2 podiums for the team today.

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