Croc Stage 4 | At the half-way mark the team rests in Irvinebank

With four days to go tomorrow’s stage will be a ‘old-school’ marathono to Skybury Coffee Plantation, said eight-time Crocodile Trophy finisher, Martin Wisata from the NSW Central Coast near Sydney. The 41-year old said that it had been a furious start to the race, “This year the first stage caught a lot of riders out, we didn’t expect it to be that humid and hot from the start, however, it seems to be that now that we’re half-way everyone has found a good rhythm.” He said that stage racing and the Crocodile Trophy in particular demanded not only everything of the racers out on track, but that the recovery time after each stage and the preparation for the following day were critical. “This is a very challenging race, you cannot come here unprepared. And, you really have to look after yourself and your equipment and after all these years of racing I know how to react when things don’t go to plan, you learn to adapt and be flexible and listen to body… and bike”, he explained.

He said that he had known about the Crocodile Trophy since watching footage  every year on TV from when he was growing up in Austria since the mid-nineties and that the camp life was an aspect that he immensely enjoyed, “I noticed that a lot of riders are using the hotel packages offered, however, we still all get together for the communal breakfasts and dinners and that’s a lot of fun, chatting about the day’s racing and just coming together as a group of people who love riding. Being able to do this out here in so beautiful parts of Tropical North Queensland is unique and very special.”

Il Pastaio/Rocky Trail Racing Team smashing it at the Croc

The team has again claimed two podium positions in today’s time trial: both Rob Wieser and Andrew Radcliffe got third in their age classifications. “With a boomerang and multiple podium positions we are very happy right now and are celebrating the half-way mark”, said Wisata.

Skybury Coffee Plantation will host the Crocodile Trophy for two nights from tomorrow after a 95km and 1200vm marathon via some old mining trails near Stannery Hill with race start at 8am.

Results so far – 4 stages and overall progress

  • # 302 Martin Wisata  | 20:03:25,4 +05:44:58 | Amateur Men 3 (5th place) | 19th overall 
    1. 05:23:38
    2. 07:33:00,0
    3. 05:03:18,4 / 3rd category place
    4. 02:03:28,3
  • # 255 Rob Wieser | 23:14:46,0 +08:56:19| Amateur Men 2 (4th place) | 33rd overall
    1. 06:23:41
    2. 08:34:00,0
    3. 06:00:34,9
    4. 02:16:29,5  / 3rd category place
  • # 400 Andrew Radcliffe | 23:15:48,7 +08:57:21 | Amateur Men 4 (4th place) | 34th overall
    1. 06:23:41
    2. 08:34:00,0 / CATEGORY STAGE WIN
    3. 06:00:34,8 / 2nd category place
    4. 02:17:32,0 / 3rd category place
Rob on the Stage 4 podium.
Andrew on the stage 4 podium.

Photos: Regina Stanger

Andrew in the gate.
Martin and Rob hanging out.
Rob is race-ready.
Martin’s signature pre-race move.

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