Croc Stage 5 | Coffee & Cake at Skybury

We’re officially more than half-way!

Today’s stage from Irvinebank to Skybury was a fast a furious 95km marathon race via the infamous Stannary Hill and its remote, rough and raw mining roads. Our three team riders had very different experiences today:

Martin –

We absolutely saaaaamashed it! I was in an awesome group and we constantly attacked each other up and down those hills and at the end we WERE the Croc train! Sprinted for the line, got fourth, still stoked!

Rob –

Not an ideal day for me – I collided with a racer not far into the stage on the rough sections and my bike got quite beaten up during the incident. I was fine, the bike wasn’t. I will be able to race tomorrow and am still in the classification, I’m relieved about that.

Andrew –

Had a good day on the bike today, got myself another second podium position. Quite happy with that and really enjoying the coffee at Skybury!

Andrew on the podium of Stage 5.
Greetings from Skybury – Andrew, Lucy and Rob comparing battle scars.


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