Croc Stage 5+6: Racing for coffee and cake at Skybury

Tough, yet interesting racing, says Martin Wisata these last two days. Also busy, as an Al Jazeera News Crew has been filming at the Crocodile Trophy at Skybury. Whilst producing a news piece about the 25th Anniversary Event for their global TV network, they also filmed an interest story with Martin Wisata.

In one of the Al Jazeera interviews he said today,

“In my opinion what defines the Crocodile Trophy is this incredible variety that the stage plan offers. You don’t race on type of trail, like singletrails or technical descents, you really have everything. You have the rainforest, you have the desert, the Outback, you get great singletrails in Atherton for example, and that is what makes this race so special.”

Cyclist Magazine #croctales

Alex Malone, editor of the Cyclist Magazine in Australia has been racing his second Croc this year. Every day he reports from the event and shares his experiences from the so unique perspective of someone INSIDE the peloton – and at the front end on top of it all. Today’s feature was about the Skybury “lollipop” stage and he interviewed Martin as part of his “Croc Tales” – Cheers, Alex!

Link: Cyclist Magazine – Skybury Classic and Croc Tales with Martin Wisata

Photos: Regina Stanger

Videos: Faber Film