Croc Stage 6 | Podium for Robert Wieser at Irvinebank

Although a certain rhythm has set in, the team is getting tired. With almost 600km already done, tonight they are once more resting at Skybury and fuelling up on freshly brewed coffee and delicious cakes.

Martin said he had felt exhausted after yesterday and didn’t go all out today, pacing himself a bit. Andrew Radcliffe feels his incredible first few days and had a tough day in the saddle. Rob Wieser raced onto third place in his category again – what a bounce back after yesterday’s crash!

Rob gets third at Skybury.
Martin pulling the #croctrain / Photo: Michael Norman

Highlight Video


Photos: Regina Stanger

Happy Andrew.
Martin in an Aussie group with female leader Sarah White and Lucy Coldwell.
Stannary Hill Mine.
Outback racing.
Fully focused, team work.
Rob still in good spirits.
Andrew in the hurt box.
Martin pulling the “Croc Train”.


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