Croc stage 7+8: “Darling, I just won the Croc.”

So here we are, or rather ‘there they are’: our Il Pastaio Rocky Trail Racing arrived on Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas today, after conquering 8 days, 700km and 13,000vm.

Denis Crowdy (#1), Jason Smith (#4), Martin Wisata (#10) and Andrew Radcliffe (#6@60).

From all accounts it was yet another challenging race – but aren’t they always? With this one it’s all about backing up one marathon with six more and then to finish it off with a time trial. And a ride on the beach.

Sensationally, Martin Wisata rode across that very beach as the Crocodile Trophy winner of the Amateur 3 category after 10 years of racing this iconic event.

“I can’t believe that I just won my age group at the Crocodile Trophy. I had a really flawless race, I never had an off-day, the biggest mechanical I had was today. With two days to go I had a flat tyre in the rear, which self-sealed and forced me to go really slowly down the hill. I think I lost only 20 seconds and I didn’t care about that anymore. The goal was just getting to the finish. The whole race was fantastic, I loved it as I always do. I might just have to come back for number 11.”

Photos: Rocky Trail

Photos: Regina Stanger

Video: Faber Film