Crocodile Trophy Number 7 in the bag

What a race it was for Martin and the team. Over the years the goal of the race morphed from finishing to doing well to chasing podiums. With two third places and a second place at the final day’s TT this goal was achieved. On the last day only a minute and a half of the top step. Is a boomerang possible? I guess we have to find out…. #8….

The bike was flawless not a single flat tyre, mis-shift or any other dramas which is really rare. The Pivot 429SL setup combined with Shimano XTR drivetrain and brakes as well as Mitas Kratos on the front and Scylla on the back was a great combo. A lot of riders were talking to me mid race about running out of gears as they rode a 1x setup. While cleaner I prefer 2x because well I never ran out of gears and don’t have to think about which front ring I want to put on at night for the next day’s stage. Urs Huber rode the same drivetrain but the DI2 version and mirrored my thoughts. He didn’t have to charge his batter once and had 3 bars left after the race. But that might be due to the fact that he just doesn’t shift much 🙂 He was over 7 hours faster than me after all…

Pushys and Il Pastaio’s support was as always greatly appreciated and the Gloryfy lenses proved again to be unbreakable.