Cruzee Kids Bike fleet supported by Lazer Helmets

We are so excited to launch the brand-new ‘fleet’ of Cruzee balance bikes, which our youngest race visitors can try out in the kids race for FREE thanks to the support by Jetblack Products Australia and Lazer Sport Australia with their Kids NUT’Z helmets.

Our son Cosmo is 3.5 years and has been fanging around on his Cruzee since he was about 2 – it is super light and easy to move around with, which is ideal for little people (and very important for mum and dad who still have to carry it once in a while). – Chat to our crew on the day and you can give it all a go!

How it works at the events:

BIKES: Parents, please come and sign-in to borrow one of the four Cruzee Bikes – you can use them for free and we’ll chat on the day about how long. If there are a lot of parents and kids interested, we might just put up some time slots, however, generally the plan is for the kid to do the time-trial-style kids race on the bikes, taking turns.

HELMETS: We have three Lazer Helmets in different sizes available, so you can try those as well and pick one when you sign-up for the bike. We love them (so does Cosmo) as they are very comfortable and light.

IN RETURN: it would be awesome if you could put up a social media post in return for using the fleet + helmets for free, tagging Cruzee Bikes and Lazer Sport Australia

The little Rocky Trail peanut loves his new Lazer NUT’Z helmet.

Cruzee Balance Bikes are sold at many local bike shops through Jetblack Products Australia – see the range on their website:

> Cruzee Range

Lazer Helmets are sold at many bike shops too – see the range on their website:

> Lazer Kids Helmet Range