Cyclist Magazine: How Martin Wisata prepares for #croc8

The Cyclist Magazine sat down with Rocky Trail Racing’s Martin Wisata who is preparing for his 8th Crocodile Trophy race. The Crocodile Trophy has attained a real legendary status internationally and locally in Australia – it has been renowned as the oldest MTB stage race in the world and attracts a wide variety of cyclists ranging from amateur and hobby riders to former professional and current elite racers. What unites them all is that they are in for the experience of a lifetime riding through some of the most magnificent landscapes the Red Continent has to offer.


Says Alex Malone from Cyclist Magazine,

“The name Martin Wisata may be unknown to most Aussie road enthusiasts but to anyone from the off-road crowd the Austrian’s name is synonymous with the Australian mountain biking scene. “


Says Martin Wisata,

“I have a gut feeling that this year will be brutal again. Lot’s of long stages where so much depends on the road surface and weather. Those two unknowns can make a cruisy ride into a very brutal one regardless of what it says on paper in terms of length and amount of climbing.”


The Crocodile Trophy starts on 16th September in Cairns and finishes eight days later on Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas.

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Photos: Regina Stanger/Crocodile Trophy 2016