Updated! Date re-scheduled! Diamonds in the Dirt Rider Briefing 2018 – Awaba

Rider briefing update, Wed 22 August 2018, 10am

Dear Diamonds and Rocky Trail Racers,

Due to a very harsh weather forecast with low temperatures and significant amounts of rain predicted in the Hunter Region around Newcastle on the original event date this Saturday, 25 August 2018 at Awaba MTB Park, we propose to re-schedule the event to Saturday, 15 September 2018.

Important, as a registered participant – you have 2 options:

  • Your event entry will be automatically transferred to the new date.



Online registrations remain open for the 15 September date.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused, however, this is out of our control – this event is intended to be a fun and social affair, a meeting place and playground for like-minded women and their families and friends who love mountain biking and being outdoors as much as we do.

“We don’t take decisions to re-schedule events lightly, however, unfortunately with the weather forecast as of Wednesday before the event, we will not be able to deliver an experience with fun memories.”

We’re hoping that you can make the re-scheduled event date and to see you at Awaba MTB Park on 15 September. This will be the third Diamonds in the Dirt event and we already have plans for 2019! 💎

Thank you for your understanding and support,

Juliane Wisata


>> Provide your event attendance feedback via official Google Forms link

>> Event Rider Briefing



Hiya, Diamonds!

I’m really excited that ‘my’ Diamonds in the Dirt event will be held for the third time on 15 September 2018 – I invite you to join me at one of my all-time favourite spots to ride: at Awaba MTB Park! This is the home track of the local Hunter Mountain Bike Association and they have done an incredible amount of work on these trails over the past two years – I rode there not long ago and I’m sure you will love it as much as me!

I dreamt up this event for women like me who love the outdoors and to ride their bike. We welcome all women to join in the fun –  it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, have kids or not, prefer lycra or baggy shorts, whether you’re into pink or not at all. Whether you’ve just started riding or never participated in a mountain bike event before. I want you to come, if you love racing to share your passion for riding and pass on that racing bug. You should come if you want to give yourself a challenge, like me!

And hey, let’s get the boys to come as well! Let them support you or come out for a ride as a roaming marshal or look after the kids – there’s great kids trails at Awaba and they can run a few fun kids races for them. They can help with mechanicals and timing and make sure we won’t have to worry about anything but staying upright on those bikes. Sounds like a plan?





Event History

My name is Juliane and I am one of the founders of Rocky Trail Entertainment, which I have been running for the past decade together with my husband Martin. We used to ride everywhere together, mark race tracks and clean them up again, however, for the last two years I’ve been getting back on my bike after a baby break. I never thought it would be such a challenge to carve out some “me & my bike time” from my days, but in between running Rocky Trail Entertainment, our mountain bike events business with 20+ events each year, plus an annual teaching assignment in Austria and three PR clients to look after my life is kinda busy… Plus, then there is this little toddler of ours, Cosmo, who absolutely rocks my world. By now we do get out on our bikes together… well, he’s still on his balance bike and I’m running after him (also good exercise) and more often than not carry him and his bike after a while.

Point is, kids or not, we all lead busy work and social lives and I’m hoping that for the Diamonds in the Dirt event day you, like me, will take a day out of your schedule to join like-minded women for a ride and a race and a bit of a chat afterwards!

I’ll be racing with Erica, she’s been an integral part of Rocky Trail from day one pretty much, helping out at most of our cross-country events and I can’t imagine running this business without her! She’s a real gem! We’ll be enjoying getting out on our bike amongst you instead of watching you from the sidelines – after registration, Martin and the boys will take over the organisational tasks!

I would also like to propose that we all have lunch or a snack or coffee together after the prize ceremony. It’s always so sad that we all head off right away and we hardly get the chance to chat and hang out together. So if you can, stay around after presentations – grab some of the Daily Espresso’s yummy food or a coffee and stay for a chat!

So, here are some more bits and pieces to note ahead of the event day and I’m looking forward to seeing and meeting you all at Awaba!


How to get there – Awaba MTB Park

There is a description of how to get to Awaba on our website – the entry into the park is not far from the Freemans Drive Exit on the M1 between Sydney and Newcastle.

Coming from Sydney:
Head up the F3 freeway towards Newcastle (Highway 1).
After about 100 km take the exit toward Freemans Dr.
Turn right at Freemans Dr and drive for 4.6 km.
Turn right at Mount Faulk Rd and continue for 2.4 km.
From there you can see the MTB Park signs.

> Link to LOCATION and how to get there


Online registration

Will be open until Friday before the event at 8am – please check out the categories on our website. If you’re unsure, pick one and we can always change it when you get there on the day, if you want to have a chat.

> Link to registration portal

Remember, as part of your registration, you’ll get

  • All your race photos by OuterImage for free (see below for some teasers!)!
  • Fully marked riding circuit with race marshals to look after you
  • Personalised number plates
  • On-site parking close to the event centre
  • On-site toilet
  • Feed station at the event centre stocked with bananas, oranges, water, electrolytes, lollies and energy gels
  • Professional First Aiders and medical support on course and the event centre
  • Professional timing with detailed category results – LIVE results online
  • Top three category prizes
  • 1x FREE Bear Naked Energy Bar


Race format

It’s a 3-hour race for everyone and a 2-hour race for the U15 solo “Princesses”. As a solo rider you can race at your own pace and put in as many laps as you want or can do in the race time. Every lap started before the three- or two-hour mark still counts and you may finish it.

In a team, it’s a relay-style race – only one rider per team may be out on track at any time.

Here is the link to the detailed race regulations.

Race categories

We have quite a few ‘diamond’ categories, hoping to suit a wide range of riders – from experienced to confident to up & coming ones, as well as junior riders. There are also junior and adult relay team categories and everyone is doing three hours, apart from the junior solo riders – they are doing 2 hours. For the 2018 edition we will also be running an e-Bike category!

eBikes welcome at Diamonds in the Dirt!

We have had quite a few inquiries about it and with Juliane being a very enthusiastic supporter of e-Bikes we are more than happy to put it on!

Says Juliane,

“I have always had more passion than fitness for mountain biking, even before I had a baby. I’m slowly getting back into. I’ve done a few e-Bike rides and absolutely loved it! My husband and I really enjoy riding together, however, keeping up with him is a real challenge, especially these days. Just recently we did a 6 hour mountain bike tour in the Austrian Alps and I had hired an e-MTB and what fun it was to pedal beside him, having a chat during a one and a half hour ascent! So, I’m all for it!”

Tick the YES box towards the end when asked about e-Bikes during the online registration – at this stage the plan is to have an “Open” category with all e-Bike riders in one classification. If we do get teams signing up as well, we can add that too.

Thanks to all those amazing women out there spreading the word about the event, with the HMBA and Hunter local girls leading the charge!

Race track at Awaba

The race track is short and sweet – we decided on the YELLOW loop at the Awaba MTB Park to make sure that all of our event participants – young and young at heart as well as regular and not so regular racers are going to have fun.

Based on the registration comments we will also have quite a lot of mountain bikers that are first-time racers, so with that in mind we picked a 5km loop – the track maps have been updated on our website.

Short description (incl. section names for those who know Awaba):

You start at the container in the main car park and head towards the XC trail head (you will see a yellow arrow among others). The first section is called “Siberia” and it is a loop that will bring you back towards the top of the car park (near toilets), however, you will keep riding along a beautifully new section and towards the Awaba tunnel. Just keep following the yellow loop, after tunnel you will cross a bridge and head up a few gentle switchback turns – one one of these you’ll turn right (yellow arrow and “Car Park” sign). What follows is a fun descent that brings you into some singletrail and back to the car park. So the trail sections are:

  • Siberia
  • Boneyard
  • Rock Turn
  • Tunnel
  • Switchback
  • Mawks
  • turn right after Anthill onto Frogmouth Rd/Yellow Loop
  • Wayne’s World
  • Chem Trails
  • Mike Hill .. and you’re almost back.

> Here is the link to the PDF map by HMBA

Some images to give you an idea – if you have any more questions, email me at juliane@rockytrailentertainment.com or call me on 0416 737 972


Event schedule

> Here is the link to the event schedule.

Race start is at 10am – arrive from 8:30am to pick up your number plate, a nice and relaxed start to the day.

Kids races

We’ll do the kids races around 11am – we will do a time trial on a 100m or so loop right near the car park going around rocks and in between trees for the little ones. If we have some bigger kids (say aged 10 or up), there is a junior loop (around 700-800m) as well. Everyone gets to stand on the podium and we’ll have a little something for everyone.


We will reward the top-three riders in each category with some bling.

Catering, food and drinks – let’s have lunch together!

We have had our official caterer, the “Daily Espressos” crew confirmed to look after us all day and everyone can grab snacks from our Rocky Trail “Feed Station” – we’ll have GU gels and fresh fruit for you during the race!

I would also like to propose that we all have lunch or a snack or coffee together after the prize ceremony. It’s always so sad that we all head off right away and we hardly get the chance to chat and hang out together. So if you can, stay around after presentations – grab some of the Daily Espresso’s yummy food or a coffee and stay for a chat!


We will have the Fizo Cycling Crew on-site to help with basic mechanical problems. Please bring spare tubes. Always good to bring a small pump or CO2-canister with you out onto the lap and a tube, however, the lap is 5km, so should you have a mechanical it’s easy to head back to the event centre for assistance. Plus, we’ll have marshalls roaming out on track too who can help out.


Please bring your own water with you – the caterers will have bottled water, but we recommend you bring your own to refill your water bottles.


There are basic bush toilets set up at the MTB park.


Camping on-site? Not a problem at all. We will have a coffee van organised in the morning of the event day. There are public toilets (basic bush toilets), but please bring your own drinking water.

For further accommodation options, may we refer you to the local tourism portal:

> Lake Macquarie Tourism portal for accomodation options nearby


Plenty off-road parking available.

How to prepare for the event

This advice is based on my personal experiences of going to a MTB event or race. I am not a certified MTB coach, however, can recommend the following:

  • Get a good night’s rest (…I have a 21-month old toddler. Scratch that.)
  • Have your bike ready to go with working brakes and appropriate tyre pressure (I run about 35 psi in mine) – note, you can have a chat to us at the event centre and at the mechanics tent to fine-tune some things if need be before the start.
  • Treat yourself to a healthy dinner – lots of vegetables and some form of protein. Don’t skip on the carbohydrates either. Drink plenty of water already on the day before the event. Mind you, the weather won’t be that hot yet, but being hydrated is important for any physical excercise.
  • A hearty breakfast is in order on race day – think eggs or muesli or porridge and bring some pre-race snacks. We’ll have some GU energy gels on-site for purchase and you can grab orange-quarters and bananas from our Rocky Trail bazaar.
  • During your race, make sure you keep your energy levels up – I usually have one energy gel per hour of exercise and about 15 min before I start riding. Otherwise, as mentioned before, bananas are a good and easily digestible source of energy.

> Here’s a really cool motivational article by the crew from “Momentum is your Friend” about endurance races, which really resonated with me. Give it a read, if you have time before the event.

But the main thing is – have FUN! I can’t wait to be surrounded by like-minded women who love being outdoors and on the bike!

Cheerio, see you at Ourimbah!