Diamonds in the Dirt: The Race with a Sparkle at Majura in Canberra in 2020

Finally! Our Diamonds in the Dirt Women’s Only event is happening at Majura MTB Park in Canberra on 29 November 2020! Rocky Trail is in town for the whole weekend – we’re kicking it off with a Shimano MTB GP four and seven hour cross-country race on the Saturday and the Sunday will all be about the sparkle! For the first time in the event’s five-year history, the Diamonds in the Dirt will offer a mountain bike and trail running race!

Line-up for Majura for the 28+29 November weekend:

Launched in 2016 by Rocky Trail’s female founding partner, Juliane Wisata, the 2020 Diamonds in the Dirt Edition will take place in Canberra at the Majura trails with its event centre at the iconic Mount Majura Vineyard.

Be ready for an event that’s loaded with the kind of electrifying energy, which is created when strong women get together to race and let their female spirits soar!

Juliane Wisata

The singletrail racing circuit for the event is just over 7km and will take you through magnificent pine forests and the vineyards.

The female competitors can pick their own challenge: The mountain bikers meet for race start at 8am and can choose one, three or 5 laps and the runners can choose a single, double or triple lap race, with race start at 11:30am. Wisata says the concept for Majura was customised with experienced and casual racers in mind and that the event was welcoming participants who had never participated in a timed event before.

The timing set up is so that our girls can go hard lap after lap or they may also choose to take a break in between – only the time out on course counts.

Juliane Wisata about the racing format

The event was inspired by the wonderful diversity of women in mountain biking and trail running, Wisata says.

We bring together women to spend time out in nature doing what they love among and with like-minded souls. 

Diamonds inspiration

Especially in these times people have been reminded how powerful it is to spend time in nature. For women nature offers a special source of strength and calm, we feel right at home outside.

This event is for women and girls who ride or run on ‘rocky trails’, from first-time racer to podium chaser! The Diamonds events are for those who have just started trail running or riding and event if someone has never participated in a timed event before. The event also welcomes those who love racing and these women are encouraged to come and share their passion for trail running and riding and to pass on that racing bug! Wisata says that “the guys are welcome too, as long as they come along to support the girls and look after the kids!”

Online registration is open now.

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