Diamonds in the Dirt – Rider briefing

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07 September 2017, 9 pm

[ Full Rider Briefing below ]


Venue changed to Ourimbah MTB Park near Wyong!

Due to the bushfire near Heaton’s Lookout we are racing in Ourimbah this Saturday. The fire containment lines are holding and while there is only a very small chance that the fire will reach the Awaba trails we won’t take any chances. Awaba MTB Park has very dense bushland characteristics and no wide open spaces where we could evacuate people to quickly. So we hope you all understand, that we want everyone to be safe and please be assured that we’ll put together a cracker of a track on our “home trail network” at Ourimbah for you.

Same schedule – same great race – different track. Here’s the rider briefing:





Hiya, Diamonds!

It’s event week and I couldn’t be more excited to share some updates about the race track with you for this Saturday’s event!

Some more bits and pieces to note ahead of Saturday:


How to get there – Ourimbah MTB Park

There is a description of how to get to Ourimbah on our website – the entry into the park is just off Yarramalong Road. Take the Wyong exit off the M1 and head towards the Yarramalong Valley (West). You’ll pass the Treetops Adventure place at the Red Hill Road park entry and then the car park is about 400m up the road from that – you can’t miss it.

> Link to LOCATION and how to get there


Online registration

Will be open until Friday 8am – please check out the categories on our website. If you’re unsure, pick one and we can always change it when you get there on the day, if you want to have a chat.

> Link to registration portal

Remember, as part of your registration, you’ll get

  • All your race photos by OuterImage for free (see below for some teasers!)!
  • Fully marked riding circuit with race marshals to look after you
  • Personalised number plates
  • On-site parking close to the event centre
  • On-site toilet
  • Feed station at the event centre stocked with bananas, oranges, water, electrolytes, lollies and energy gels
  • Professional First Aiders and medical support on course and the event centre
  • Professional timing with detailed category results – LIVE results online
  • Top three category prizes

PLUS, as a bonus, we’re giving you a pair of brand-new #rockytrailracer socks!


Race format

It’s a 3-hour race for everyone and a 2-hour race for the U15 solo “Princesses”. As a solo rider you can race at your own pace and put in as many laps as you want or can do in the race time. Every lap started before the three- or two-hour mark still counts and you may finish it.

In a team, it’s a relay-style race – only one rider per team may be out on track at any time.

Here is the link to the detailed race regulations.


Race track at Ourimbah

The race track is short and sweet – we decided to put together a different circuit to the “standard endurance” race tracks used at Ourimbah MTB Park. One the one hand, we wanted to feature a new kind of loop, one that’s never been used before and on the other hand also make sure that all of our event participants – young and young at heart as well as regular and not so regular racers are going to have fun.

Based on the registration comments we will also have quite a lot of mountain bikers that are first-time racers, so with that in mind we picked a 3.5km loop – the track maps have been updated on our website.

Short description (incl. section names for those who know Ourimbah):

Start at the regular event centre and head out onto the XC loop. Do the “Bell Bird” section and chuck a hard left as you get out of the singletrail, then turn into Long Meadows after about 50 m. This one is going to be raced in reverse (soooo much fun). A quick little rock roll-over (it rolls!!) where the right line is the easier one (take it left at speed and get some air) and settle in for some flow! We’re heading towards the missing link next and will cross the fire road to enter Graveyard: flat and fast! Berms – put those outside feet down and take your speed out of the corners and you’ll have to pick the flies out of your teeth back at the event centre 🙂

Then we’ll head back via Short Meadows – a quick pinch and then a switchback climb.

Some images to give you an idea:

Heading out of the event centre.
Similar feature to the “roll-over” as you start descending. Stay right, it all rolls.
Get your flow on!
A couple of nice little corners.

Graveyard: flat and fast.
Pedal back up to the event centre.
… and enjoy!


Event schedule

Here is the link to the event schedule. Race start is at 10am – arrive from 8:30am to pick up your number plate, a nice and relaxed start to the day.


Kids races

We’ll do the kids races around 11am – we will do a time trial on a 100m or so loop right near the car park going around rocks and in between trees. Everyone gets to stand on the podium and we’ll have a little something for everyone.



We will reward the top-three riders in each category with some bling.

Podium prizes 2017.


Catering, food and drinks

We will have our usual Daily Espresso coffee and catering crew on-site during the race.



We will have some basic mechanical tools on-site. Please bring spare tyres. Always good to bring a small pump or CO2-canister with you out onto the lap and a tyre, however, the lap is 5km, so should you have a mechanical it’s easy to head back to the event centre for assistance. Plus, we’ll have marshalls roaming out on track too who can help out.



Please bring your own water with you – the caterers will have bottled water, but we recommend you bring your own to refill your water bottles.



There are basic bush toilets set up at the MTB park.


How to prepare for the event

This advice is based on my personal experiences of going to a MTB event or race. I am not a certified MTB coach, however, can recommend the following:

  • Get a good night’s rest (…I have a 21-month old toddler. Scratch that.)
  • Have your bike ready to go with working brakes and appropriate tyre pressure (I run about 35 psi in mine) – note, you can have a chat to us at the event centre and at the mechanics tent to fine-tune some things if need be before the start.
  • Treat yourself to a healthy dinner – lots of vegetables and some form of protein. Don’t skip on the carbohydrates either. Drink plenty of water already on the day before the event. Mind you, the weather won’t be that hot yet, but being hydrated is important for any physical excercise.
  • A hearty breakfast is in order on race day – think eggs or muesli or porridge and bring some pre-race snacks. We’ll have some GU energy gels on-site for purchase and you can grab orange-quarters and bananas from our Rocky Trail bazaar.
  • During your race, make sure you keep your energy levels up – I usually have one energy gel per hour of exercise and about 15 min before I start riding. Otherwise, as mentioned before, bananas are a good and easily digestible source of energy.

> Here’s a really cool motivational article by the crew from “Momentum is your Friend” about endurance races, which really resonated with me. Give it a read, if you have time before the event.

But the main thing is – have FUN! I can’t wait to be surrounded by like-minded women who love being outdoors and on the bike!

Cheerio, see you at Ourimbah!