Diamonds in the Dirt

“A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink.”

– Gina Carey

We reckon, those strong women have a certain sparkle in their eyes when they do!

Be ready for events that are loaded with the kind of electrifying energy, which is created when strong women get together to race and let their female spirits soar!

Challenging the experienced. Exciting the passionate. Welcoming the new.

Immerse yourself in a friendly and encouraging event environment! When you’re among ‘fellow Diamonds’ it doesn’t matter if you’re a young or mature outdoor lover, have kids or not, whether you’re into pink or not at all. We bring together women who have just started trail running or riding and might not have ever participated in a timed event before. If you love racing – come and share your passion for trail running and riding and pass on that racing bug!

We are working on finding the next date for the Diamonds in the Dirt. Stay tuned for updates.

The Why – Embracing our Yin Energy

When female Rocky Trail racers get together, they sparkle!

Juliane Wisata, Diamonds in the Dirt founder

Women of all walks of life are connected by an incredible bond and the Diamonds events shall foster and celebrate our female yin energy. Over the years I have noticed that when I ride with women, I am more motivated to try out new sections and show others my favourite lines as well. I realised that I recharge and fill my cup, when I’m out on my bike or run along bush trails and even more so when I’m out with other women. Have you ever felt the same way?

Women need to be among women. They say “Diamonds are a Girl’s best friend”. I say, as women we have this incredible intuitive power to support each other. When women consciously and intentionally come together, they create an incredibly powerful space of nurture and healing. We strive when we work together, play together, spend time together. Our daily lives have become so busy and I want to create a meeting place for women who love riding and running out on ‘rocky trails’. I want the Diamonds events be the playgrounds for women who love riding and running on trails among the trees.

The sparks will be flying and we’ll all stock up on endorphins, joy and positive vibes.

The Colour – Who this event is for

A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.

Coco Chanel

There is a wonderful diversity of women in mountain biking and trail running. When you’re among ‘fellow Diamonds’ it doesn’t matter if you’re a young or mature outdoor lover, have kids or not, whether you’re into pink or not at all. We bring together women to spend time out in nature doing what they love among and with like-minded souls. Especially in these times we all have been reminded how powerful it is to spend time in nature. For us women nature offers a special source of strength and calm, we feel right at home outside.

This is for women and girls who ride or run on ‘rocky trails’, from first-time racer to podium chaser! The Diamonds events are for you if you have just started trail running or riding and event if you have never participated in a timed event before. If you love racing – come and share your passion for trail running and riding and pass on that racing bug! The guys are welcome too, as long as they come along to support the girls and look after the kids!

The Carat – About the event formats

If it excites you and scares you at the same time,
you should probably do it.


We want the Diamonds events become a reminder that it is the core spirit of women to be amongst other women. Let’s inspire, support and encourage each other. In this spirit the basic event format includes mountain bike and trail running elements. The various components, distances and times will vary from one venue to another – check in on the Event Pages for all the details.

Your total time out on the race track counts. This means, our timing system is set up with a start and finish point for each lap.

  • So if you are keen and want to race not stop you may keep racing the laps back to back.
  • If you want you can have a break in between laps for a snack, to grab a drink, have a chat and mingle, you can and that time off the track (in the ‘neutral’ zone or event centre) won’t count.

Race concept overview:

  • Set-up: Circuit-based races, generally offering three challenge levels for adult and junior age group classifications.
  • Schedule: Depending on the venue we might have two parallel circuits – one for MTB and one for running – at the same time. If that’s not possible, the mountain bikers will compete first until a set cut-off time, then the runners from around midday.
  • Track: ~6-8 km cross-country circuit to be completed once or multiple times, challenging yet fun.
  • Timing: mat start and finish – only your time out on the race track counts, you may take breaks in between laps, if you wish.
  • Terrain: predominantly single trail.
  • Format: You pick the number of laps (check individual events for details).
The Cuts – Race categories

A woman is like a diamond.
She reaches her full potential under pressure.


Mountain Biking

1, 3 or 5 Lap Challenges
Default age group classification, or pick open eBike option.

Trail Running

1, 2 or 3 Lap Challenges
Default age group classification.

Generally the events will be offering three challenge levels for adult and junior age group classifications. Mountain bikers may choose to race in their age group or in an open eBike category.

The Adult age groups are:

  • Expert Female (19+)
  • Veteran Female (30+)
  • Master Female (40+)
  • Super Master Female (50+)
  • Grand Master Female (60+)

The Junior age groups are: U13, U15, U17 and U19

The Clarity – Why a timed event?

She is a force of nature.
At her core, all the wildness of the universe.

J. M. Green

Our founder Juliane keeps saying that when she rides with women, she is more motivated and keen to try out new sections and show others her favourite lines as well. There are so many fast and skilled women out there riding and racing that we meet through Rocky Trail Entertainment and they are an absolute inspiration!

Sometimes it’s a good thing to go out of your comfort zone. Even if you are not a regular racer, you’ll enjoy the exhilarating feeling of taking on a challenge. To proof to yourself that you can do it – get that personal best, give into the competitive streak in you or simply enjoy a fun day out together with the gals!

We want our women to know that you are perfect as you are! Whatever distance you choose to ride or run. That you won’t have to justify your choice. Rekindle the trust in your own strengths and know that you are unique. Together we create the beautifully rich diversity of womankind.

We don’t see the Diamonds events as races that exclude male participants, but we are taking the liberty in nurturing the female camaraderie. We simply want to create events that allow women to get together, open their hearts and enjoy each other’s company. It’s about fostering our Yin energy side, to soak up each other’s presence.

Our sparkle

What a great day! Juliane and the rest of the crew who made today possible… thank you. I’m a newbie and felt so supported the entire day. The encouragement from everyone, other riders, volunteers, supporters…was so appreciated. The fairy godmothers providing advice on how you tackle those challenges was what I needed to successfully complete the 1st lap. After that I had the confidence to go around again and again, getting faster,smoother and having a blast. A very well organised event and I definitely will do it again. Thank you!!!


Via email

I’ve been riding in Rocky Trail Entertainment races now for a couple of years as part of the Pedal 4 Pierce team and loving it. As a woman, I have always found Rocky Trail Racers to be respectful on the trails, but I am especially excited about a women’s only Rocky Trail Entertainment event because of the added feeling of camaraderie that it will bring, as well as potentially enticing more women to try mountain bike racing and hopefully catch ‘the racing bug’! It’d be great to share a podium, or even be knocked off it knowing that I’ve had a genuine race with other like-minded women giving it their best too.


Via email

I’ve been a rockytrail racer for a number of years and have seen the events grow, and more so, more women and young girls race! It’s great! More comradery, more women to relate to, and great competition.
We’ve made so many friends racing through Rockytrail events and love the great array of individuals and family that come along to add to the excitement too! There’s nothing better than rocking up to a race knowing there’s going to be at least one person you know & seeing the always smiling crew from Rockytrail Entertainment!


Via email

I love to ride MTB with my friends, have lots of enjoyment and laughter. So when looking at a MTB event that incorporated all styles of racing, including my ‘merrymaking’ style, I couldn’t go past Rocky Trail events. I have raced in individual races and relay teams with my buddies, camped overnight in the bush with my family, singing ‘kumbayah’ around the camp fires, never taking life too seriously and just having plain old fun. Gotta love this sport and the people within it. From the support staff through to the owners Juliane and Martin, Rocky Trail has demonstrated they are competent, reliable, professional, well organised, and are passionate in what they do and have an attitude of safety first whilst providing an environment that encourages everyone. You will never feel you are just another number! Thanks Rocky Trail for making my racing experiences a blast!


Via email

I love Rocky Trail events. I started as a spectator in 2008 watching my husband and eldest son compete in 24h racing as well as the Grand Prix series. Juliane and Martin always made my family feel welcome. They always made sure my young children had a marshall plate with their favourite number. My young son Rojo has an impressive Rocky Trail bidon collection as well as many trophies, medals and prizes for competing in the kids races. In late 2010 my husband Andrew had an idea that I should get my girlfriends together an enter the 24hour event at DelRio. He coached us for 4 months and 16 girls made it to the start line that year. For some it was their first race. It’s something I will never forget. From there for me came a solo 24h, Grand Prix series and for the past four years the JetBlack 12hour with my buddies. Recently while overseas riding I had an accident. I’m getting better everyday. I’m so excited that we can have our own women’s event in Newcastle. I have lost a bit of confidence, so I’m really looking forward to getting back on the bike and training. Diamonds in the Dirt! Can’t wait!


Via email

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