Diamonds will sparkle at Awaba MTB Park

For the second time the Diamonds in the Dirt Women’s Only mountain bike event will be held at Awaba MTB Park. After the inaugural event by Rocky Trail Entertainment received enthusiastic response from the local female riding community last year, the 2017 edition has been scheduled for 9 September at the popular trail network of the Hunter Mountain Bike Association.


“For years I have been dreaming about a women’s only event and last year, returning from a baby break was the right time to jump into action”, says the event’s founder, Juliane Wisata from Rocky Trail Entertainment. “It took me quite a while to get back out onto the trails after our baby was born and I was surprised that my skills were still there – my body just knew what to do. My fitness levels, however, were at an all-time low and very frustrating at times”, the first-time mum of a little toddler son admits. The first Diamonds in the Dirt event had been a huge success with riders ranging from first-timers at an event to experienced racers and podium-getters. “To plan an event, a ride, a race for women out there has been really motivating me and while I’m still working on my endurance, my passion for riding and my love for being out on my bike is stronger than ever”, she said.


The 2017 edition of the Diamonds in the Dirt Women’s Only Event will feature a 6km track, which has a few short climbs, but no major hills with 800m that will be ridden on firetrails and the remainder being fun and entertaining singletrail.


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