Dirtsurfer Fox Superflow Champion-Mudguards 2018

Introducing: Dirtsurfer and Frameskin

We welcome the crew from Dirtsurfer and Frameskin into the ‘family’ of supporters for the Fox Superflow, sealed by Stan’s! For the Championship event on 1+2 September 2018 at Stromlo Forest Park they will be providing the official Winner Trophies: custom-made Champion-Dirtsurfer Mudguards! Boom!

About Dirtsurfer:

Launched in March 2018 Dirtsurfer is an offshoot of Frameskin Bike Protection Film (mentioned below). Dirtsurfer’s specific focus is the design and manufacture colourful and creative custom-printed frame protection accessories. The first product to be released is a range of MTB mudguards that allow you to protect and style your bike at the same time. Dirtsurfer products are 100% Australian Made, 100% Recyclable and 100% Kick-Arse. They already have over 45 unique designs to choose from and they also make custom mudguards for industry brands, bike shops, clubs, teams, bike parks, tourism operators and event organisers etc. Please support Dirtsurfer and buy one of their awesome mudguards.

Alan says,

“We are delighted to be associated with the Fox Superflow and Rockytrail Entertainment – Martin and Juliane are renowned for delivering quality events and they have a great following.”

Alan and his team share an unabashed obsession with bikes, building trail and designing great products. We’ve been riding off-road since mountain biking began, have ridden and raced (domestically and overseas), have run the odd bike race ourselves and have been building trail the old fashioned way since 1990 (Alan is a founding member of the Kowalski Brothers Trailworks and the regularly unfit half of the ‘cough’ Low Flying Kowalskis pairs racing team). “Riding trail makes us smile and drives our design process. We’ve worked really hard to develop a high quality product that offers the better protection for your face, your fork seals, is environmentally responsible, looks great and comes at a great price. We’ve achieved all that in the Dirtsurfer mudguard and we’re rapt about that.”

About Frameskin:

Established in 2007, Frameskin Bike Protection Film is the Australian company that pioneered the concept of custom-shaped frame protection for bicycles and has even picked a couple of export awards in the process. Canberra-based and shipping to pretty much anywhere that has bikes, Alan Vogt and his team spend their days shaping and manufacturing frame protection kits for a relentless stream of bicycles across mountain, road and gravel/CX disciplines. The kits they develop are virtually invisible when installed so the visual appeal of your bike is not affected and use only the highest quality paint protection films available. If you want to protect your investment, you best get a Frameskin™.



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