e-Bike Diamonds category announced

For the 2018 edition we will be running an e-Bike category!

We have had quite a few inquiries about it and with Juliane being a very enthusiastic supporter of e-Bikes we are more than happy to put it on!

Says Juliane,

“I have always had more passion than fitness for mountain biking, even before I had a baby. I’m slowly getting back into. I’ve done a few e-Bike rides and absolutely loved it! My husband and I really enjoy riding together, however, keeping up with him is a real challenge, especially these days. Just recently we did a 6 hour mountain bike tour in the Austrian Alps and I had hired an e-MTB and what fun it was to pedal beside him, having a chat during a one and a half hour ascent! So, I’m all for it!”

Tick the YES box towards the end when asked about e-Bikes during the onlien registration – at this stage the plan is to have an “Open” category with all e-Bike riders in one classification. If we do get teams signing up as well, we can add that too.

Thanks to all those amazing women out there spreading the word about the event, with the HMBA girls leading the charge – can’t wait to see you all at Awaba on 25th August!