Join us in a Quest For Champagne Gravel!

Effervelo is Rocky Trail’s new Gravel Ride Event! We’re on a mission to connect riders and capture the excitement and buzz of gravel riding, sending you on a quest for Champagne Gravel! Choose from three distance challenges designed to push your limits. The inaugural Effervelo Gravel Ride in the Brindabellas takes you on curated routes, low-traffic gravel roads, just 30min outside of Canberra. Soak up the peacefulness and connect with nature’s wild beauty!

Effervelo, the ultimate Champagne Gravel riding experience!

Imagine cruising on super smooth, compacted roads that feel like popping champagne bubbles. The first Effervelo event takes you on a gravel adventure through the breathtaking Australian landscape of the Canberran Brindabella Ranges! We’re here to create a catered riding experience with great supplies at feedzones included, finisher meal & drink and of course excellent company!

All Riders Welcome! Whether you’re a seasoned gravel rider, roadie, or mountain biker seeking new horizons, Effervelo has you covered. Choose from three challenging distances, push your limits, and be supported every step of the way by our dedicated team.

The Courses

The Champagne Epic – 101km loop with 2500m climbing

Conquer the ultimate challenge of the Champagne Epic – 101km of pure gravel exhilaration, pushing your limits with 2500m of climbing. Are you ready to raise the bar?

The Fizzy Frenzy – 65km loop with 1650m climbing

Embark on a sparkling adventure with a 65km loop that takes you through breathtaking landscapes and 1650m of climbing. Get ready to be amazed!

The Bubbly Dash – 45km loop with 1050m climbing

Experience the high-energy Bubbly Dash – a 45km loop packed with excitement, featuring 1050m of climbing. It’s the perfect balance of challenge and fun!

Effervelo Gravel

The quest for champagne gravel is on!

Ready for an unforgettable gravel riding adventure, be a part of Effervelo, where active gravel riders, roadies, mountain bikers, and the dirt-curious unite.
It’s time to push yourself, connect with nature, and experience the sheer joy of Champagne Gravel riding.

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