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We are Juliane & Martin from Rocky Trail and thanks for clicking through to our website! It’s great that you want to find out more about our Jetblack 24 Hour Race in Lithgow on 23 & 24 March 2019!

We’ll transform the Rydal Showgrounds into a pumping mountain bike event centre – think wide, open meadows where you can set up your base right next to your car! The trail head into the race track in Lidsdale State Forest is right there also – great for visiting family and friends to watch you smash out your laps.

You can race solo or in teams of up to six and you can choose from 24 hour or 6+6 hour racing options – this one lets you rest over night. You start with everyone on Saturday at 12pm and stop at 6pm. You re-start your race at 6am after the traditional Austro-Australian Wake-Up Ceremony by the Rocky Trail Crew!

Here are some links to get you started – don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and sign up to the newsletter for regular event updates!

Registration is open until the Friday before race start!

As the light fades and the air cools turn on the lights and roll into another world of night riding/racing.

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Location location location. Rydal has amazing facilities and plenty of space to setup your camp.

Rocky Trail ‘Entertainment’ at the JB24H

DJ Mista Nige will perform at the JB24H.
Kids action at the JB24H.
Yummy and nutritious food by our caterers awaits!
We look forward to meet you!

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Give into the JB24H atmosphere in Lithgow!

Highlights from the 2018 event