Fox offer at the Superflow

Based on last year’s popularity Fox is once again offering subsidised servicing of Fox parts at the Superflow events. Here are the details:

  • fixed price is $75 for Fork or Shock service.
  • included for Forks: lower legs service (oil and dust wipers). Any other part will be charged separately.
  • included for Shocks: air can service. Any other part will be charge separately
  • FOX is not responsible for removing the shock and installing it back on to the bike.
  • FOX will however be able to remove / install the shock if requested by the customer, but wont’ be  liable for any damage to the frame / shock and mounting hardware.
  • FOX will be available from 12.00 pm on the Saturday before the race,  and we will be able to offer a free one to one Suspension Tuning and Suspensions Setting service. Any extra work on forks and shocks will be charged separately.
  • Prior booking is required by visiting the FOX tent from 12.00 pm on the Saturday. We will offer the service strictly on first come first serve basis until we reach capacity for the day.
  • We will only be able to offer this service to a limited amount of riders.
  • The service will be ending at 6 pm on Saturday
  • The same service will also be available on Raceday (Sunday)
  • Prior booking is required by visiting the FOX tent from 8.30 am on Raceday.