Fox Superflow Champs 2018 | Track Map & Venue Access Info Stromlo Forest Park

If you are kicking off your Spring in Rocky Trail-style, then this is for you!

This weekend is the first weekend of Spring *yeihh* and we’re taking you to Stromlo Forest Park for the Fox Superflow Championships, sealed by Stan’s!

Please have a look at our RIDER BRIEFING for general event information and our Race Director Martin wants to share this race track and venue access information with you:


Race Format and *drumroll* Final Tracks

We will once again run our new timing system and here is what we have in store for you for The Championships:

  • 4 tracks – 2 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday. The plan is to have 4 different ones but we’ll see how we go.
  • You will need to do 2 runs per track. You have up to 5 tries per track.
  • U13 and U15 categories will only have to do 1 run per track but also have mutliple tries where their fastest time will count.
  • The Championships are a standalone event and there are no points on offer towards the series.
  • You do not need to qualify to be allowed to enter.

> DIRECT Link to TRACK MAP online (click on top left icon to open the track descriptions/legend)


  • light-blue tracks are access trails to the starts

Saturday tracks: FOX + STAN’S

  • we’re racing two trails, you can access them via the main Stromlo Observatory climb
  • both starts are at the SAME spot – intersection of Pork Barrell and Skyline start
  • FOX Trail: Classic Skyline + Luge, finish at event centre
  • Stan’s Trail: Awesomeness of Pork Barrell + Double Dissolution, finish at bottom of Double Dissolution

Sunday tracks: OWAYO + JETBLACK with DIRTSURFER Start

  • we’re racing two trails, you can access them via the main Stromlo Observatory climb
  • Owayo Trail:
    • Start: access via Wattle Happen Climb, then chuck a left and head towards the “Canberra” Tunnel/Bridge; the start is right at the bridge, watch out for signs – Martin will pick a spot that will make it easy for you to gather.
    • You race down Luge *yippey* and the bottom of Luge *attention*, huck a RIGHT and dash on a fire trail to the top of Playground; race down Playground and finis at event centre.
    • Finish at event centre.
  • Jetblack Trail with DirtSurfer Start:
    • Start: access via Wattle Happen Climb, then follow firetrails along to start, which is on the firetrail top of Little Seymore, just below the Skyline
    • You race down Little Seymore and then cut across Wombat Junction/Willo Roundabout come back via Break-Out, but we are getting you onto some fast firetrails to finish at the event centre.
    • Finish: at the event centre.


VENUE ACCESS Information *Important*

Saturday 8am –  12 pm:

  • On Saturday there is a running festival and from experience sometimes with that particular event there are access issues where the general public or our Rocky Trail competitors have been held up and stopped at the park entry on Dave McInnes Road.
  • SFP have arranged an alternate entry for you on Saturday between 8am and 12pm.
  • Enter via a fire road on the Western Side of Stromlo Forest Park – you get there via Cotter Road. The guys from SFP said:

“On Saturday, event and public access will be diverted to the parks rear gate at the base of Mount Stromlo road off the Cotter road during the Duathlon (9am-11am). All traffic using this entry/exit will need to drive slowly (20kph) and remain on the trail to the car park. Please drive safely be aware and considerate of park users when driving along this trail.” – Stromlo Forest Park Official Statement

Saturday 12 pm onwards:

  • Enter via main Stromlo Forest Park entrace on Opperman Avenue/Dave McInnes Road

Sunday all day:

  • Enter via main Stromlo Forest Park entrace on Opperman Avenue/Dave McInnes Road


Other links:


> Link to information about race plate positioning

> Did you know? Dirtsurfer is providing the Championship Trophies