Fox Superflow Ourimbah Weather Update

Weather update Friday, 30 August 2019, 11am:

As expected we did get quite a bit of rain but after a trackwalk today decided that the trails are holding up really well and with Sunday’s forecast being dry and sunny we are racing this weekend. Tomorrow’s practice day will still be fairly wet but you can ride the trails. I would leave it until the afternoon to give the trails a chance to dry up.

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Weather update Wednesday, 28 August 2019, 9am:

With the current forecast we are GO for this weekend! The trails haven’t gotten much rain in the last few days and are still very dry. We do expect showers than can be heavy at times on Thursday and Friday but the front should pass by Saturday and Sunday is supposed to be dry. This would mean mint trail conditions.

As always, if the forecast changes dramatically we still have the option of the B-date the following week but at this stage it is unlikely that we will need it.

Weather update Monday 9am:

We have 3 tracks ready for you for this weekend’s race which will all dry up very quickly. As always we are having a close eye on the weather and this is what it looks like at the moment (Monday morning): we do expect a bit of rain today and tomorrow and then another front is scheduled to pass us on Thursday.

At the moment the trails are bone dry and the rain is very much appreciated to make the trails better and grippier. However if we get substantially more than what is forecast at the moment, there is a chance that we won’t be able to race this weekend.

We have spoken to the CCMTB club and locked in the following weekend (September 7+8) as our B-date. If we have to use this date all entries will automatically be transferred. If you can’t make it we can also transfer your entry over to any of the other rounds this year or issue a full refund.

We live very close to the trails so it’s easy for us to see how much rain they are actually getting. Sunday is supposed to be dry and at the moment it’s all systems go for this weekend.

We will probably know by Thursday morning for sure what is going on weather wise. Registration will remain open until Saturday 10am so you can make the call late.

If the rain stops Friday and Saturday only gets a few more showers then the trails will be in their best condition on Sunday.

All updates will be posted on our BLOG section – Cheers, Martin and the Rocky Trail team