Entry Fees | Age Groups | Series Info

Entry fees for the 2022 season

Entry fees valid across all Fox Superflow® events 2022, apart from Race 1 at Mt Buller in VIC, which includes shuttles.

Junior age group categories | $69 :

  • Junior U13
  • Junior U15
  • Junior U17
  • Junior U19

Adult age group categories | $89 :

  • Expert (19+)
  • Veteran (30+)
  • Master (40+)
  • SuperMaster (50+)
  • GrandMaster (60+)
Note, only Buller will host 2 Rounds – one Sat, one Sun – see event website for info.

Other categories | $69 if you are under 19, $89 if you are 19 or over:

If you select Elite, Hardtail or e-Bike during the registration process you will be racing in this category instead of your Agegroup.

  • Elite
    This is the top category for the fastest racers.
  • Hardtail
    If your bike doesn’t have rear suspension you can choose to race in the Hardtail category.
  • E-Bike
    The Shimano STEPS Electroflow category is growing quickly in popularity and Superflow racing is the perfect playground for an E-Bike. Standard government rules and regulations apply.
    NEW IN 2022: two E-Bike categories Shimano STEPS Electroflow and Shimano STEPS Electroflow MASTER for everyone being 40 or above on December 31.

Superflow® PRO Classification

At selected venues on the Sunday there will be an additional – technically more challenging – 4th PRO STAGE for the following categories for male and female:

  • Elite
  • U21
  • Masters 35+
  • Shimano STEPS Electroflow

Our Fox Superflow® categories are aligned with EWS

How to enter the PRO Classification:

  • Sign up for the Fox Superflow® and tick the additional “PRO” box when prompted.
  • Entry fee is as per the Fox Superflow® age groups (U19 $69 and Adult $89).
  • For Superflow® PRO venues and information read more here…

What’s included?

We generally have some merchandise giveaways and each entry includes ALL your race photos!

Photo Package included!

After the race you will receive an email with the link to the online portal – search for your race number and download your photo package, which is valued at RRP $60!

Age group calculation

Age determination day is December 31 of the current racing year, meaning how old you are at the end of the year determines which Agegroup category you can race in.

Your Agegroup will automatically be assigned during the registration process based on your Year of Birth.

2022 Series

  • If you are racing the entire season you must use the exact same name for all races. You can find the name you used previously in the results section.
  • If you misspell your name or use a different nickname your points will not be tallied up.
  • Riders need to complete at least 2 races in one category to be eligible for an individual series podium ranking.
  • Every race counts.

The series will be split into NSW/ACT, QLD and VIC. Additionally we will crown the overall Australian Fox Superflow Champions.

Multiple entries

If you wish to race on both days you can only do that by entering on an e-bike on day and a regular bike on the other day. You can’t race Agegroup on one day and Elite on the other.

Minimum age

You need to be at least 10 years old in order to race. If you would like an exemption to that rule please contact us.

Shuttling and towing

Shuttling is not allowed at Superflow events.

You can assist other riders by pushing them or walking their bike up. Towing with a rope is not allowed but we do sometimes grant exemptions for very young (and tired) riders.